Water waves

Video game concept

Waves form on water surface when you pass through it.


The first video game about Water waves was released on April 1999.

THQ and Fox Interactive has published most of these games

* Immobile water

Implied: (not enforceable)
* Watercraft
* Swimming
* Shallow water

* Liquid dynamics
Note that this is simple eyecandy in most cases, though it can be made into actual gameplay element.

Mostly cases where the water surface is deformed (polygon mesh deformation or something with voxels) to create waves. To lesser degree cases where the waves are produced by sprite effects on the surface, though if the effects are in an angle to the surface then they are more interesting. Cases where the deformation is limited to something entering or leaving water (water splashes) do not count either, though can be added if a note is included of its limits.

Note also that this does NOT mean waves that the water has always regardless of any interference by the player to its state. Such as the wobbly water some early 3D games had, nor the prettier waves (caused by presumed wind) in modern games.

This is in contrast to water that remains flat or unmovable as if no-one was moving through it (despite evidence to the contrary), regardless of the sprite effect's discoloration to it.


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