Adventure Vision

Made in USA by Entex Industries in 1982
Generation: 2
Units sold: 50000

[Adventure Vision]
The Adventure Vision is a self-contained (no external monitor is required) cartridge-based video game console. Control is through a single multi-position joystick and two sets of four buttons, one on each side of the joystick, for ease of play by both left- and right-handed players. Rather than using an LCD screen or an external television set like other systems of the time, the Adventure Vision uses a single vertical line of 40 red LEDs combined with a spinning mirror inside the casing. This allows for a screen resolution of 150 × 40 pixels. The game cartridges can be stored in spaces on top of the case.
Source: Wikipedia

tech info

resolution: 150x40 monochrome pixels
memory: RAM: 64 bytes // ROM: 1K
CPU: Intel 8048, 733 kHz
sound: National Semiconductor COP411L, 52.6 kHz