Amstrad PCW

Made in U.K. by Amstrad in 1985
Generation: 3
Units sold: 8000000
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A word-processor focused machine running BASIC and CP/M and Games (the only legitimate use of a computer)

PCW stands for "Personal Computer Word-processor".
Was sold in Germany as "Schneider Joyce".

When it was launched, it was the cheapest IBM-compatible PC system in the UK.

The PCW was bundled with the word processing software LocoScript and a version of CP/M known as "CP/M Plus".

Seven models were made:
* PCW 8256, with 256KB RAM and one 3" floppy disk drive, on September 1985.
* PCW 8512, with 512KB RAM and two 3" floppy disk drives, around March 1986.
* PCW 9512, with some minor modifications, in 1987.
* PCW 9256, with 256KB RAM and one 3.5" floppy disk drive, in 1991.
* PCW 9512+, with 512KB RAM and one 3.5" floppy disk drive, in 1991.
* PCW 10, with some minor modifications, which did not sell well.
* PcW16, not compatible with the other models, included a GUI operating system, in 1995, which did not sell wel either.

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