Reviews on Génération 4 (1-82)

issue 35

average score
gameplatformreview dateoriginal scorescore %  
Cruise For a CorpseAmiga OCS1991-0797/10097%
Their Finest Hour: The Battle of BritainMS-DOS1991-0788/10088%
Heart of ChinaMS-DOS1991-0790/10090%
Mario Andretti's Racing ChallengeMS-DOS1991-0786/10086%
Life & DeathMS-DOS1991-0783/10083%
Life & DeathAmiga OCS1991-0783/10083%
Moonbase - A Lunar Colony SimulatorAmiga OCS1991-0771/10071%
MercsAmiga OCS1991-0762/10062%
The Ball GameAtari ST1991-0770/10070%
The Ball GameAmiga OCS1991-0770/10070%
LogicalAmiga OCS1991-0789/10089%
LogicalAtari ST1991-0789/10089%
PP Hammer and his Pneumatic WeaponAmiga OCS1991-0791/10091%
Manchester United EuropeAmiga OCS1991-0776/10076%
Manchester United EuropeAtari ST1991-0776/10076%
Chaos in Andromeda: Eyes of the EagleAmiga OCS1991-0777/10077%
Deuteros: The Next MillenniumAmiga OCS1991-0792/10092%
Deuteros: The Next MillenniumAtari ST1991-0792/10092%
Carcharodon: White SharksAmiga OCS1991-0790/10090%
StormballAtari ST1991-0774/10074%
StormballAmiga OCS1991-0774/10074%
Ultima: Worlds of Adventure 2: Martian DreamsMS-DOS1991-0785/10085%
FreneticAmiga OCS1991-0774/10074%
Gateway IIAmiga OCS1991-0772/10072%
Snow Bros.Amiga OCS1991-0791/10091%
Germ CrazyAtari ST1991-0768/10068%
Germ CrazyAmiga OCS1991-0768/10068%
HunterAmiga OCS1991-0793/10093%
HunterAtari ST1991-0793/10093%
RBI Baseball 2Amiga OCS1991-0791/10091%
RBI Baseball 2Atari ST1991-0791/10091%
Lakers versus Celtics and the NBA PlayoffsMega Drive1991-0781/10081%
Sonic the HedgehogMega Drive1991-0797/10097%
Fire MustangMega Drive1991-0772/10072%
Bonanza Bros.Mega Drive1991-0761/10061%
Bimini RunMega Drive1991-0769/10069%
M-1 Abrams Battle TankMega Drive1991-0768/10068%
WardnerMega Drive1991-0771/10071%
Zero WingMega Drive1991-0781/10081%
Buster Bros.PC Engine CD1991-0790/10090%