Reviews on Aktueller Software Markt (ASM)

issue 46

average score
gameplatformreview dateoriginal scorescore %  
Battle MasterAtari ST1990-118/1266%
LoopzAtari ST1990-1110/1283%
ShockWaveAmiga OCS1990-119/1275%
The Killing Game ShowAmiga OCS1990-119/1275%
Snow StrikeAmiga OCS1990-115/1241%
Lords of DoomAmiga OCS1990-1110/1283%
Lords of DoomCommodore 641990-1110/1283%
B.A.T.Atari ST1990-118/1266%
Dino WarsAmiga OCS1990-1110/1283%
Saint DragonAmiga OCS1990-118/1266%
Saint DragonAtari ST1990-118/1266%
Magic FlyAtari ST1990-119/1275%
Mean StreetsAmiga OCS1990-116/1250%
Das StundenglasMS-DOS1990-117/1258%
Living JigsawMS-DOS1990-118/1266%
Future BasketballAmiga OCS1990-118/1266%
Kentucky RacingCommodore 641990-113/1225%
Helter SkelterAtari ST1990-118/1266%
GlobulusAmiga OCS1990-119/1275%
Supremacy: Your Will Be DoneAmiga OCS1990-118/1266%
Hong Kong Phooey: No.1 Super GuyCommodore 641990-118/1266%
Tracon IIMS-DOS1990-116/1250%
Voodoo NightmareAmiga OCS1990-119/1275%
Days of ThunderAmiga OCS1990-115/1241%
Days of ThunderAtari ST1990-115/1241%
Days of ThunderMS-DOS1990-116/1250%
BoticsAtari ST1990-112/1216%
The WomblesCommodore 641990-114/1233%
Jocky Wilson's Darts ChallengeAmiga OCS1990-115/1241%
ExtaseAmiga OCS1990-1110/1283%
ScorpionAmiga OCS1990-117/1258%
ImpactAmiga OCS1990-1110/1283%
ImpactAtari ST1990-1110/1283%
Sly Spy: Secret AgentAtari ST1990-114/1233%
King's BountyMS-DOS1990-1110/1283%
King's BountyCommodore 641990-1110/1283%
The Spy Who Loved MeCommodore 641990-119/1275%
The Spy Who Loved MeAmiga OCS1990-118/1266%
Bomber BobAmiga OCS1990-115/1241%
Rogue TrooperAmiga OCS1990-117/1258%
European SuperleagueAmiga OCS1990-118/1266%
Blinky's Scary SchoolAtari ST1990-118/1266%
BadlandsAtari ST1990-117/1258%
BadlandsAmiga OCS1990-117/1258%
James Pond: Underwater AgentAmiga OCS1990-1110/1283%
Crash GarrettAtari ST1990-114/1233%
Crash GarrettAmiga OCS1990-114/1233%
KryminiAmiga OCS1990-117/1258%
Freddy Hardest in South ManhattanAtari ST1990-118/1266%
Distant Armies: A Playing History of ChessAmiga OCS1990-118/1266%
BacklashAtari ST1990-119/1275%
TwintrisAmiga OCS1990-119/1275%
EliminatorAmiga OCS1990-118/1266%
Gauntlet IIAmiga OCS1990-117/1258%
CorporationAmiga OCS1990-117/1258%
Mad Professor MariartiAmiga OCS1990-1110/1283%
Atom AntCommodore 641990-1110/1283%
Battle MasterAmiga OCS1990-118/1266%
The Curse of RaAmiga OCS1990-1110/1283%
LettrixAmiga OCS1990-119/1275%
Dragons of FlameCommodore 641990-119/1275%
DragonflightAmiga OCS1990-1110/1283%
Police Quest II: The VengeanceAmiga OCS1990-1110/1283%
Impossible MissionMaster System1990-1110/1283%
ESWAT: City Under SiegeMaster System1990-116/1250%
GauntletMaster System1990-116/1250%
Wings of DeathAmiga OCS1990-1110/1283%
KlaxMega Drive1990-1110/1283%
PaperboyMaster System1990-119/1275%
Prince of PersiaAmiga OCS1990-118/1266%
Wings of FuryMS-DOS1990-117/1258%
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Action GameMaster System1990-117/1258%
InvestAtari ST1990-1110/1283%
Shadow of the BeastAtari ST1990-113/1225%
Dragon StrikeAmiga OCS1990-116/1250%
TurricanAtari ST1990-1110/1283%
Insector XMega Drive1990-118/1266%
ColumnsMega Drive1990-1110/1283%
Super HydlideMega Drive1990-119/1275%
Super Monaco GPMega Drive1990-119/1275%
Super Monaco GPMaster System1990-116/1250%
Silent AssaultNintendo Entertainment System1990-111/128%
Danan: The Jungle FighterMaster System1990-115/1241%
PuzznicGame Boy1990-1111/1291%
The Cyber ShinobiMaster System1990-115/1241%
Gain GroundMaster System1990-117/1258%
Submarine AttackMaster System1990-119/1275%
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