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Amoeba Invaders (Invaders)  LateNight Developments (LateNight Developments)1987 fixedshooter instantdeath lives score
Dr. Fruit  Softgang;Anco Software (Softgang;Anco Software)1987 budget claiming instantdeath lives score
Galaxy Fight: The Incredible Space Fight  Rono (SoftTouch)1987 instantdeath lives score
Pacman 87 (Paccie)  author (author)1987 claiming instantdeath pacmanlike score
Shooting Star  Softgang (Softgang)1987 claiming instantdeath lives
Beyond the Ice Palace  Elite (Elite)1988 harmfultouch ingametitle instantdeath ladders lives monsters nofalldamage score thrownweapons walking
Bomb Jack (Bombjack)  Elite (Paradox Software)1988 3.5disk bombjack claiming commercial harmfultouch instantdeath joystick keyboard license-proprietary lives score superjump
Chubby Gristle  Grandslam (Teque)1988 elevators harmfultouch instantdeath ladders lives score walking
Chuckie Egg  Pick & Choose (Icon Design)1988 birds claiming instantdeath ladders lives score timelimit
Pac-Mania (Pacmania)  Grandslam (Teque)1988 claiming ghosts instantdeath lives pacman pacmanlike score
Rockford: The Arcade Game  Arcadia Systems;Melbourne House (Icon Design)1988 boulderdashlike claiming digging instantdeath subterranean timelimit
Spidertronic  ERE Informatique (ERE Informatique)1988 arachnidprotagonist instantdeath lives robotprotagonist score
The Runner  Digital Soft Productions (Digital Soft Productions)1988 claiming digging instantdeath ladders lives monkeybars score trapping walking
Commando  Elite (Elite)1989 firearms grenades instantdeath lives militantprotagonist runandgun score
Gemini Wing  Sales Curve (Imagitec Design)1989 bossbattles instantdeath lives powerups score scrollingshooter
HATE: Hostile All Terrain Encounter (H.A.T.E.)  Gremlin Graphics (Gremlin Graphics)1989 aerodyne ingametitle instantdeath lives score scrollingshooter tanks
Pac-Land  Grandslam (Mr. Micro)1989 ghosts instantdeath lives pacman score walking
Weird Dreams  Rainbird (Rainbird)1989 dreamworld harmfultouch instantdeath lives moaifigures nosaves search skywhales surreal
Alien Fight (Girl Actions)  author (author)1990 fixedshooter instantdeath lives score
Manic Miner  Software Projects (Software Projects)1990 ♫mountainking asphyxiation claiming disappearingplatforms falldamage harmfultouch instantdeath lives score subterranean timelimit walking willyminer
Another World (Out of this World)  Delphine Software (Delphine Software)1991 1life aimdirlimit alienplanet aliens anotherworld cave chargingweapons cinematicplatformer controllablehelplessness deathtraps descriptivedeaths displacementfiction dodgechance elevators elevators-multifloor energyweapons escape flatshading fromanotherworld instantdeath jumping lifelikemotion lutris maleprotagonist multitools noaircontrol nohud prison rotoscoping savepassword scientistprotagonist screenshake serious sessilecreatures stepbasedcontrol stranded tentaclecreatures titularlocale walking
Dyna Blaster (Bomberman)  Ubi Soft (Ubi Soft)1991 bomberman bombs chainreactions did harmfultouch instantdeath lives rescue savepassword score timelimit walking
Jet Set Willy II (Jet Set Willy 2)  Software Projects (Software Creations)1991 claiming disappearingplatforms falldamage harmfultouch instantdeath jetsetwilly lives timelimit walking willyminer
Snoball in Hell  Atlantis Software (Mind's Eye)1991 3.5disk breakoutlike commercial hybridgame instantdeath joystick keyboard license-proprietary lives score
Sony Game  Sony;Amigo! (Comad Computer Advertising)1992 advergame animateobjectprotagonist flipscreens instantdeath lives savepassword score shopping timelimit