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Adventure Double Wii Pack DreamCatcher Interactive ( )? cancelled platformreference
Agatha Christie Adventure Double Wii Pack DreamCatcher Interactive ( )? platformreference
Carniival ? (Neko Entertainment)? platformreference todo-verifyexistence
Doala Wii ? (?)? platformreference
Wii Sports  Nintendo (Nintendo)2006 baseball bowling boxing golf launchtitle mii packin platformreference playerschoice racquetsports rating-esrb-e tennis
Wii Play  Nintendo (Nintendo)2006 cuesports fishing mii pingpong platformreference tank
Bleach: Shattered Blade (Bleach Wii: Hakujin Kirameku Rondo;BLEACH: 白刃きらめく輪舞曲 はくじんきらめくロンド)  Sega (Polygon Magic)2006 anime bleach jigglephysics platformreference shonenjump
Bomberman Wii  Hudson (Hudson)2007 bomberman platformreference
Bust-A-Move Bash! (Bust a Move Wii;Bust a Move Revolution;Bust-A-Move;Puzzle Bobble Bash!)  Majesco;505 Games (Happy Happening)2007 bubbleshooter platformreference puzzlebobble rating-esrb-e rating-pegi-3
Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree (Big Brain Academy for Wii;Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree;Big Brain Academy for Wii;Wii de Yawaraka Atama Juku)  Nintendo (Nintendo)2007 edu-finance edu-logic edu-math edu-memory logic math memory platformreference rating-esrb-e visualmatching wiiconnect24
Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition (RE4 ; バイオハザード4; BioHazard 4: Wii Edition)  Capcom (Capcom)2007 achillesheelfoes actionadventure anticipatorystockpiles armyofone autumnal blindcreatures bodyhorror cablecars castle censored earth forest gameoftheyear graybrown grotesque iberia isolatedhabitat isolatedlocale jokeitems labyrinth latemodernperiod multilingual nochildren oopcharacters parasites platformreference present quicktimeevent ragers rescue residentevil residentevil-main serieschange serious shopping spain speech-spanish survivalhorror town vendortrash zombies
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 14 (Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball Wii) Konami (Konami)2007 baseball platformreference
Naruto Gekito Ninja Taisen EX (Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution;Naruto Wii)  Nintendo (Eighting)2007 anime naruto ninja platformreference
Battalion Wars 2 (BWii;Totsugeki!! Famicom Wars VS;突撃!!ファミコンウォーズVS)  Nintendo (Kuju Entertainment)2007 firstpartytitle nintendowars platformreference
Wii Fit  Nintendo (Nintendo)2007 exergame mii platformreference uvl-confusable wiibalance wuhuisland yoga
Doraemon Wii  Sega (8ing)2007 doraemon manga platformreference
Wii Music  Nintendo (Nintendo)2007 mii platformreference wiibalance
Wii Chess  Nintendo (Nintendo)2008 chess dualism forethoughtrequired grid grid-square naturalistic perfectinformation platformreference traditional
Penny Racers Party: Turbo Q Speedway (Choro Q Wii)  Takara Tomy (Takara Tomy)2008 choro-q platformreference rating-cero-a rating-esrb-e
Mario Kart Wii  Nintendo (Nintendo)2008 kart mario mario-universe mariokart mii platformreference wiiwheel
Kotoba no Puzzle Mojipittan Wii Namco Bandai (Namco Bandai)2008 platformreference
G1 Jockey Wii 2008 KOEI (KOEI)2008 horseracing naturalistic platformreference wiibalance
Major Wii - Perfect Closer Takara Tomy (Takara Tomy)2008 platformreference
Wii Sports Resort  Nintendo (Nintendo)2009 3ormoreplayers ballistics basketball bicycle boating bowling bows canoeing flyingdisc golf island jetski kendo meleeweapons mii paddlesports parachuting pingpong platformreference playerschoice racquetsports swords wakeboarding watersports wiimotionplus wuhuisland
Phantom Brave: We Meet Again (ファントム・ブレイブWii;Phantom Brave Wii)  NIS America (NIS)2009 phantombrave-series platformreference rating-cero-a rating-esrb-t tacticalrpg turnbasedcombat