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Turok (Turok 2008)  Touchstone Studios (Propaganda Games)2008 achievements aimmode amerindprotagonist ammomagazines assaultrifles autosavepoints ballistics bossbattles bows bulkycharacters capacity-toolslots cave damageindicator deathpits difficulty dinosaurs dodging dualwielding elevators extraterrestrial firearms firstpersonshooter flaregun forest fullbodyawareness future giantinsects grenades healthregen healthregen-fast healthvisualization hexapeds humid ingamecinematics insectoids jumping knives ladders limitedcapacity lostworld meganeura militantprotagonist nojumping npcspawning objectiveindicator otherworld pain physx precisionrifles quazal quicktimeevent reboot recycledtitle rockets ruins savepoints serieschange serious shotguns spacefaringage spiderbots stealth stealth-sight stranded submachineguns subterranean titlementioned tropic turok tyrannosaurus unrealengine3 uvl-tiein volcanic walkers walking wounds
The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon  Sierra Entertainment;Activision (Étranges Libellules)2008 actionadventure adv-objects adv-ptdistr apocalyptic bonusbosses bossbattles breathweapons burrowers cave childprotagonist city colossi combomoves companion cooperation crystals dam difficulty-single dodging dragonprotagonist elevators felinoids flying forest giantmonsters gliding grappling inorganics invisiblewalls itemsets ledges legendofspyro magic midairjumping monsters mp-campaign mp-cooperative mp-dropin multiprotagonists mythicalprotagonist noenergyregen nofalldamage quicktimeevent rage rating-esrb-e10 retrypoints rewardingvandalism ruins sequence-defend speech-gibberish spyro subterranean thedestroyer town tutorial unarmedfighting volcanic walking
Blades of Time (ブレイズ オブ タイム)  Konami (Gaijin Entertainment)2012 achillesheelfoes actionadventure adventurerprotagonist aimmode airdash alienflora bioluminescence dagor-engine dashing diaries femaleprotagonist firearms forcefields hackandslash healingdevice healthregen hud-dynamic insectoids interactivetriggers invisiblewalls island jumping machineguns magic midairjumping minefield monsters mp-cooperative mystics precisionrifles pressureplates rage rating-bbfc-12 rating-cero-d rating-esrb-m reload-auto reload-manual ruins selfduplication sorcery swords tropic unlimitedammo volcanic walking
Darksiders II (Darksiders 2;Darksiders II: Death Lives)  THQ (Vigil Games)2012 actionadventure actioncamera adv-ptdistr adv-static afterlife aimassist aimmode alienearth angels autoaim autumnal axes balancebeams bink bludgeons bonusbosses bossbattles bulkycharacters castle chasms city claws collectibles colorful colossi combomoves crystals damageinfo darksiders-series deathpits demons difficulty dimensionaltravel earth elevators environmentalpuzzle equipmentbased fallimpact fasttravel finishingmoves firearms flyingcity flyingislands fourhorsemen giantbeetles giantshoulderpads golems grapplinghook hackandslash handguns havokphysics heathaze humanoidprotagonist insectoids interactivedialogs jumping ladders lasso lava levelbasedeq magic magneticshoulders map meleeweapons metroidvania minibosses monkeybars monsters newgameplus noantagonist nofalldamage nofriendlyfire objectiveclairvoyance objectiveindicator optionaltasks poles portals puzzlebosses rage respec rewardingvandalism riding safepowers samsara scaleform secondaryantagonist secrets shopping skeletons sorcery spectres steppingstones subway summery summoning supermode supernaturalprotagonist swimming tangibleabstracts targetlock tasktracker temporarycompanions tower undead underwaterdiving unlimitedammo unlockable-difficulty volcanic walking wallrunning wellofsouls wintery wwise xp-deeds xp-kills
Aliens: Colonial Marines (ACM;A:CM)  Sega (Gearbox Software;TimeGate Studios;Nerve Software)2013 22ndcentury 3ormoreplayers aaa achievements achillesheelfoes airducts alienfranchise aliens alternateattack androids assaultrifles autosavepoints bink blindcreatures bossbattles cave chargers collectibles dark-limited deathpits detector developmenthell disposableweapons dynamicaccuracy elevators extraterrestrial fallbackweapon firearms firstpersonshooter flamethrowers future ghosttown gibs grapplers grenadecooking grenades grenadewarning grotesque handguns healthpickups healthregen healthregen-stunted healthwarning humanexperiments incendiarygrenades instantkillers intangibleallies interspecificconflict invisiblewalls juggernauts jumping lamp lostequipment lv426 megacorps mercenaries militantprotagonist militarybase militaryfiction motiondetector movie mp-cooperative mp-dm mp-dropin mp-escape mp-teams mp-undefined nofriendlyfire nooneleftbehind otherworld parasites physx playerprogression privatemilitarycompanies quake quicktimeevent rating-acb-ma15 rating-pegi-18 rating-usk-18 reload-manual researchfacility rockets ruins scaleform scientists score screenshake secondaryattack segmentedhealth sequence-escape sequence-stealth sewers shallowwater shotguns singledout soldiers spacecraft-location spacefaringage steampowered submachineguns suicideattackers swayinglevels thermalweapons titulargroup unlockable-costumes unlockable-items unrealengine3 upgradesystem voicechat volcanic walking walkingarmory wastedeffort wwise
Dragon's Crown (ドラゴンズクラウン)  Atlus;NIS America (Vanillaware)2013 3ormoreplayers adv-ptdistr adv-static autozoom axes beggars beholders beltscroller bludgeons bossbattles bossmeter bows castle cemetery classbased classbasedeq classlinkedgender companion criware cultists damageflicker damageinfo display-1080i display-1080p display-720p dodging dragons dwarves elves fanservice femaleprotagonist fortress giantbeetles giantinsects goblinoids goblins group harpies healingitems hypermuscles installer itemcooldown itemdurability jigglephysics jinn knockback levelbasedeq magic magiccarpets maleprotagonist meleeweapons minotaurs mitoticcreatures monsters mp-cooperative mp-dropin mp-matchmaking mycoids mystics narrator optionaltasks orcs overheal owlbears parallaxscrolling pirates premadecharacters pressureplates puppetanimation pve pveonly rating-esrb-t rating-pegi-12 rating-usk-12 rescuees rewardingvandalism riding sauroids score secrets sewers shallowwater shopping skeletons soldiers sorcery spritemorphing sprites srank titlementioned titularobject town tutorial unconvincingarmor undead undefinedelements vampires volcanic wyverns xp-kills xp-objects
Odin Sphere Leifthrasir (オーディンスフィア レイヴスラシル;Odin Sphere Leifþrasir)  Atlus (Vanillaware)2016 actionrpg adv-static agriculture alternatingprotagonist animals bizarreflora blocking bossbattles capacity-slots cave chapters chargers chemistry containers cooking crystals currency-split difficulty difficulty-ingame dissolvingitems dragons elimination forest framestory frequentloading gameprogress giants gliding hackandslash healingitems highbornprotagonist hypermuscles inventory itempickup-normal jewelry jumping knights leporoids levelselection limitedcapacity magic magicweapons meleeweapons midairjumping minibosses minimap multipleperspectives mystics mythicfiction neutralnpcs nonlinearstory obsoletedassets oopcharacters perspectiveflip plains polearms potions prophecy puppetanimation radar rating-esrb-t redeemingbeatdown rpgelements score seeds shopping sorcery spears spiritualsuccessor spritemorphing stamina stylized summery sweepingstrikes swords town tutorial valkyries volcanic walking war wingedhumanoids wintery worldtree wrappingworld xp-multi xp-objects