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Bientôt l'été Tale of Tales (Tale of Tales)? commercial download epistolary license-proprietary osx steampowered
Block'hood Devolver Digital (Plethora-Project)? blocky citybuilding commercial download license-proprietary osx osx-10 steampowered x86
Clockwork Empires Gaslamp Games (Gaslamp Games)? alphafunding british-theme canadamediafund citybuilding clockpunk commercial dirigibles gaslampfiction libstdcpp5 license-proprietary mp-cooperative notpublished steampowered victorian weirdscience
Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD (Defense Zone II Ultra HD) author (author)? commercial download energyweapons flamethrowers langarabic langbrazil-port langchinesesimpl langchinesetrad langgreek langhungarian langportuguese langturkish langukrainian license-proprietary openal opengl osx osx-6 rockets towerdefense x86
Paranormal Teens Godline;Visual Wordplay (Godline;Visual Wordplay)? christian download free2play indie license-proprietary osx osx-4 steampowered visualnovel
Putt-Putt Travels Through Time Humongous Entertainment (Humongous Entertainment)? cdrom commercial license-proprietary puttputt scumm steampowered
Reproduction Man Deuteranopia (author)? commercial download indie license-proprietary osx osx-10 osx-11 osx-12 steamos steampowered
Trick and Treat Stw Projects (Eternal Night Studios)? commercial download femaleprotagonist forest indie license-proprietary osx osx-6 renpy steampowered visualnovel
Veer (VƎER) Some-Fish (Some-Fish)? commercial download indie license-proprietary osx osx-6 shadermodel3 steamcontroller steampowered
Postal Ripcord Games (Running With Scissors)1997 antiheroprotagonist civilianprotagonist commercial dementia gore insaneprotagonist license-gpl license-proprietary licensechange malevolentprotagonist massmurder osclassic postal rampage steampowered unrestrictedviolence
Aliens versus Predator (AvP) MacPlay (MacPlay)2001 alienfranchise alienprotagonist aliens aliensvspredator ammomagazines androids burning cdrom ceilingclinging ceilingtraversal claws cloakednpcs cloaking commercial energyrecharger energyweapons extraterrestrial fatbinary fearofnothing firearms firstpersonshooter flamethrowers future grenadelaunchers grenades-bouncy grenades-impact healingdevice healingfinishers healthdrops healthpickups humanprotagonist hypermobilefoes interspecificconflict jumping keyboard license-proprietary megacorps meleeweapons militantprotagonist militaryfiction monsters mouse movie mp-3way mp-cooperative mp-ffa mp-teams mp-versus multiplecampaigns multipleperspectives opengl osx osx-1 osx-2 osx-3 osx-4 osx-5 otherworld perspectiveflip ppc ppcg3 predator sequence-escape serious spacefaringage thermalweapons tunnelvision turrets visionenhancer wallclimbing wallclinging wallcrawlers walltraversal weirdvision x86
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone) Aspyr (Aspyr)2001 1990s book britain commercial contemporaryfantasy earth fantasticearth harrypotter license-proprietary movie mysticprotagonist osx osx-1 osx-2 osx-3 osx-4 osx-5 osx0 ppc ppcg3 ppcg4 unrealengine unrealengine1 wands
The Sims Aspyr (Maxis)2001 ♫tchaikovskyromeojulietlove buildingdesigning carbonapi cdrom commercial furnishing homosexuals keyboard lesbians license-proprietary lifesimulation mouse osx osx-1 osx0 ppc sims sliceoflife socialsimulation timemanagement vernal xyzzy
Red Faction (RF) THQ (Volition)2001 2070s 21stcentury alternateattack ammomagazines anatomicdamage bombs bossbattles cdrom civilianprotagonist commercial cyborgs destructibleenvironment difficulty difficulty-ingame driving elevators extraterrestrial falldamage firearms firstpersonshooter flamethrowers future geomod-engine giantmonsters grenades humanexperiments industrial-setting keyboard license-proprietary locationaldamage macos8 mars mine mouse nanotechnology nonlinear opengl osx politicalcorruption powerplant ppc ppc-g3 rebellion rebelprotagonist redfaction robots rockets saveanywhere secrets sequence-stealth shields spacefaringage splatter stunning stunprods submarine subterranean suppression swimming thermalweapons titulargroup tunnelborer tutorial underwaterdiving
Aliens versus Predator 2 (AvP2;Aliens vs. Predator 2) MacPlay (MacPlay)2003 23rdcentury alienfranchise alienprotagonist aliens aliensvspredator ammomagazines androids bombs burning cdrom ceilingclinging ceilingtraversal claws cloakednpcs cloaking commercial dark detector dialup energyrecharger energyweapons extraterrestrial falldamage fearofnothing firearms firstpersonshooter flamethrowers future grotesque healingdevice healingfinishers healthdrops humanprotagonist hypermobilefoes interspecificconflict jumping keyboard knives license-proprietary lithtech-talon lithtechengine macos4 megacorps meleeweapons militantprotagonist militaryfiction monsters motiondetector mouse movie mp-3way mp-dm mp-escape mp-ffa mp-lms mp-teams mp-undefined multiplecampaigns multipleperspectives osx osx-2 osx-3 otherworld perspectiveflip polearms ppc ppcg4 predator privatemilitarycompanies rockets rotaryguns saveanywhere savepoints sequence-escape serious spacefaringage spearguns spears stunning thermalweapons visionenhancer wallclinging wallcrawlers walltraversal weirdvision
Shadowbane Ubi Soft (Wolfpack Studios;Stray Bullet Games)2003 arcaneengine cdrom commercial keyboard license-proprietary mmog mouse opengl osx osx-2 ppcg3
Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood ? (Spellbound Entertainment)2004 1190s 12thcentury acrobatics alarmers alcohol ambushing apples axes ballistics beggars bludgeons bodydragging bossbattles bows carts castle circadiancycle city combatnets commercial corpselooting crafting demo difficulty earth england espionage europe forest gesturing group healing healingitems insects jumping langbrazil-port langslovak license-proprietary lockpicking medieval meleeweapons middleages minions missionbased naturalistic nets neutralnpcs optionaltasks outlawprotagonist pegasos ppc premadecharacters protect recruiting rescue robinhood scavenging shields shopping slings staves stealing stealth stealth-sight stealth-sound strangling suppression swords tactical taxes temple town train-location trapping traps unarmedfighting upgrades-abilities walking wallclimbing wasps weather x86
Zoo Vet Legacy Interactive (Legacy Interactive)2005 cdrom commercial earth humans license-proprietary naturalistic osx osx-2 ppc quicktime zoo
Tribal Trouble GarageGames (Oddlabs)2005 3ormoreplayers cdrom commercial download license-proprietary opengl osx osx-2 ppc
John Deere: Busy Days in Deerfield Valley Bold Games (Gabriel Entertainment)2005 animateobjectprotagonist animateobjects book cdrom commercial keyboard license-proprietary mouse osx osx-1 ppc
Airline Tycoon Deluxe Runesoft (Runesoft)2006 aerodyne aeroplane commercial desura download fatbinary gog license-proprietary osx osx-2 osx-3 osx-4 osx-5 passengeraircraft ppc steampowered ubuntu usc-paid x86
American History Lux Sillysoft Games (Sillysoft Games)2006 1750s 1760s 1770s 1780s 1840s 1860s 18thcentury 1910s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1990s 19thcentury 20thcentury 2ndmillennium africa africa-north alabama alaska algeria americancivilwar americanrevolutionarywar australia austria belarus belgium bosnia bulgaria c86 california cambodia canada china civilwar coldwar commercial connecticut croatia czechoslovakia demo denmark difficulty earth england estonia europe fatbinary finland florida france frenchandindianwar georgia-usa germany greece greenland grid grid-irregular gulfwar hawaii herzegovina hungary illinois independencewar indiana iraq ireland italy japan java kentucky korea koreanwar kuwait langbrazil-port laos latvia license-proprietary lithuania louisiana maine massachusetts mexican-americanwar mexico militantprotagonist mississippi morocco netherlands newbrunswick newengland newhampshire newmexico northamerica northcarolina norway novascotia ontario oregon osx osx-3 osx-4 osx-5 pacificwar past ppc princeedwardisland quebec quintanaroo quitsave rhodeisland risk romania russia scotland serbia slovakia slovenia southcarolina spain stalematewar sweden switzerland tennessee texas tunisia turkey uk ukraine usa vermont vietnam vietnamwar war warfare-air warfare-land warfare-sea washington worldwar worldwar1 worldwar2
DropTeam TBG Software ( ballistics damagemodeling demo extraterrestrial frontier future license-proprietary osx otherworld realisticranges spacefaringage structuraldamage tank tanks turrets
Lux Deluxe Sillysoft Games (Sillysoft Games)2007 commercial download fatbinary license-proprietary osx osx-1 osx-2 osx-3 osx-4 osx-5 ppc x86
Zaster Imperium Halycon Media (TASK four)2007 cdrom commercial license-proprietary osx osx-3 traditional