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Homeworld (Homeworld Classic) ? (Relic Entertainment)? ♫barberadagiostrings 3dstrategy afterearth bestsellerseries cannons cdrom control-individuals controlconfig display-640x480 fictionaluniverse finiteresources forgottenpast formations fuel grouping guidedweapons harvesters homeworld-series humanoidprotagonist missionbased mobilebase nohumans opengl recruiting repairing resourceharvesting rockets search serious space swrender titlementioned titularlocale tutorial upgrades-permanent voiceovers
LotRGE (Lord of the Rings Game Engine;J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, Vol. 1)  author (author)? 3.5disk archaicearth arda bodyarmor book bows cdrom circadiancycle cpplanguage dataexport demo download earth group halflings highfantasy humanoidprotagonist incarnateddivines keys lotr magic mystics sdl swords uchronia weefolk weefolkprotagonist x86 x86-64
OpenDune ? (?)? 3.5disk aristocratprotagonist book cdrom companion deathbarriers dune extraterrestrial future highbornprotagonist movie ornithopters otherworld reimagining resourceharvesting savepoints serious spacefaringage terraforming titularlocale wasteland
X-COM: Terror from the Deep (X-COM 2;TFTD) ? (?)? 2040s 21stcentury 3.5disk absoluterulership alieninvasion aliens ammomagazines anxiety basebuilding bodyarmor bodydragging brains cdrom circadiancycle combatautoloot construction-gradual control-individuals crustacoids destructibleenvironment destructibleitems difficulty doors download drills drones earth encyclopedia energyweapons expenses-instant explosiveobjects fictionalelement future globalorganization greys grid grid-square grid-volume group hitchance humanoids infantry instantkillers interspecificconflict inventory investors layers locationalhealth mapgenerator militantprotagonist militaryfiction minionpermadeath moaifigures morale multinationalorganization multiphased neutralnpcs nonlethalelimination noreinforcements npcanxiety obsoletedassets outofturnactions overworld pain permanentcorpses persistentminions plasmaweapons powerfoci propertydamagepenalty psychics recruiting researching retreating robots saveanywhere scavenging serious shopping smokegrenades sonicweapons spheroidworld starfishaliens strayfire stunprods supervisorprotagonist tactical timecompression timeunits titulargroup triage turnbasedcombat underwater underwaterfacility uniqueminions universaltheatre unloading vendortrash veterancy vibroweapons viralcreatures weaponsplatforms workers xcom-original xcom-series