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Arx Libertatis (地城守护者;Arx Fatalis. Последний бастион;Arx Fatalis: Return To The Underground;Arx Fatalis) ? (Arkane Studios;Zenimax;Arx Libertatis)? 1life adv-ptdistr amnesia automap ballistics bludgeons bows capacity-slots castle cemetery charactercreation cheese chemistry chemistry-medicine chemistry-toxins cooking cpplanguage cultists dark demons disguisedtriggers displacementfiction divinechampion divinemenace doors drawing dungeon dungeoncrawler elevators fromanotherworld fullbodyawareness giantinsects goblins healingitems hillland humanoidprotagonist humans immersivesim inventory jumping license-gpl limitedcapacity lockpicking magic magic-precast magic-sigils mediaindrive medieval meleeweapons minimap mummies murinoids naga neutralnpcs openal opengl pointertoggle potions refillableliquidcontainers rescue saveanywhere sdl search serious shopping sorcery sourcecodeavailable stealing stealth stealth-light stealth-sight stealth-sound subterranean subterraneanrealm summoning swords systemsdriven trolls uipointer undead uvl-missingmedia visionenhancer voiceovers walking xp-kills zombies
Caster Elecorn (Elecorn)? armcpu bossbattles commercial episodic fish freeexpansions jumping license-proprietary monsters openal opengl otherworld sdl shopping terraindeformation walking waterwalk
Gods Deluxe (Gods -Deluxe-) ? (?)? java jumping walking
Hex-a-hop ? (?)? femaleprotagonist grid grid-hex jumping langinsignificant license-gpl lighthearted sdl
Jedi Knight 3: Jedi Academy (Star Wars - Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy) ? (?)? 1life alternateattack autosavepoints disintegrators doubleweapons download energyregen energyweapons firstpersonshooter genderchoice highfantasy idtech3 jumping knockback laserbolts laserweapons lightsabers meleeweapons openal opengl psychicpowers psychics repulsion sciencefantasy serious spacefaringage specieschoice starwars starwars-skywalker swords techdisparity telekinesis titularlocale uvl-tiein voiceovers walking warriorprotagonist
Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast ? (?)? 1life alternateattack combatstyles cruelty-potential difficulty disintegrators doors download elevators energyregen energyweapons envcombat falldamage firstpersonshooter gcengine gplv2 highfantasy idtech3 jumping knockback laserbolts laserweapons lightsabers lostpowers meleeweapons milessound openal opengl projectiledeflection psychicpowers psychics repulsion sciencefantasy sequence-defend serious slowmotion spacefaringage starwars starwars-skywalker swords techdisparity telekinesis thx-1138 uvl-tiein voiceovers walking warriorprotagonist
NPRQuake (Quake: The Offering) ? (?)? 1life achillesheelfoes alone axes beamweapons dark demons difficulty dingy dogs doomwad doors electricweapons energyweapons eviloverlord firearms firstpersonshooter gore idlenoise indoors jumping keys lightmaps lovecraftian medieval meleeweapons middleguns middleprojection militantprotagonist monsters nailguns npcfriendlyfire npcstrife opengl otherworld permanentcorpses portals powerups quake-series quakeengine rockets secrets serious splatter touchactivation undead zombies
Shadow Warrior jsfw ? (?)? 1life animals armyofone bombs buildengine city clanguage cpplanguage difficulty dualwielding earth fanservice firearms firstpersonshooter gore graphicdeaths grotesque hearts hitscan japan jumping killerrabbits lagomorphs license-gpl meleeweapons monsters ninja ninjaprotagonist parody sciencefantasy sequelhook shadowwarrior-series spectres suicideattackers swords thrownweapons titularcharacter voiceovers warriorprotagonist
Another World (Another World 20th Anniversary Edition;Out of this World) Lexicon Entertainment (Icculus;DotEmu)2013 achievements aimdirlimit alienplanet anotherworld cinematicplatformer commercial controllablehelplessness cpplanguage descriptivedeaths difficulty displacementfiction download elevators energyweapons fmod fromanotherworld instantdeath jumping license-proprietary lifelikemotion noaircontrol nohud openal opengl rotoscoping sdl sdl2 sessilecreatures stranded titularlocale virtualmachine