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GATO  Spectrum Holobyte (Digital Illusions)1986 1940s naval pacificocean submarine worldwar worldwar2
Blue War III (Blue War)  U.S. Gold;Free Game Blot (U.S. Gold;Free Game Blot)1987 1940s naval pacificocean pacificwar submarine worldwar worldwar2
Night Raider (Dive Bomber)  Gremlin Graphics;Epyx (ACME Animation)1988 1940s aerodyne aeroplane bomberaircraft europe worldwar worldwar2
Overlord: The Invasion 6th June 1944  CCS (CCS)1988 1940s 20thcentury difficulty europe france operationoverlord wargame worldwar worldwar2
Battlehawks 1942  Lucasfilm Games (Lucasfilm Games)1989 1940s 20thcentury aerodyne aeroplane pacificocean propellerplane worldwar worldwar2
Fire-Brigade: The Battle for Kiev - 1943  Mindscape;Panther Games (Panther Games)1989 1940s europe ukraine wargame worldwar worldwar2
Vulcan: The Tunisian Campaign  CCS (CCS)1989 1940s africa africa-north wargame worldwar worldwar2
Blitzkrieg May 1940  Impressions1990 1940s belgium europe france worldwar worldwar2
Frontline  CCS (CCS)1990 1940s mouse wargame worldwar worldwar2
P-47 Thunderbolt (P-47: The Freedom Fighter)  Firebird (Source)1990 aerodyne aeroplane aircraft-p47-thunderbolt bossbattles commercial joystick keyboard license-proprietary lives powerups propellerplane score scrollingshooter strikeaircraft worldwar worldwar2
The Final Conflict  Impressions (Plato)1990 grandstrategy worldwar