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Derelict author (author)? basic license-proprietary sourcecodeavailable
Escape from Mars author (author)? basic interactivefiction keyboard license-proprietary sourcecodeavailable wordinput
Mars author (author)? basic interactivefiction license-proprietary sourcecodeavailable
Paranoids Anonymous author (author)? basic interactivefiction keyboard license-proprietary sourcecodeavailable wordinput
Trek Adventure author (author)? basic license-proprietary sourcecodeavailable
Bomber Llamasoft (Llamasoft)1982 cassette commercial keyboard license-proprietary uvl-confusable
Gridtrap  Livewire (Livewire)1982 cassette commercial license-proprietary
Shootout at the OK Galaxy Avalon Hill Game Company (Microcomputer Games)1982 cassette commercial joystick keyboard license-proprietary
Tank Wars Human Engineered Software (Human Engineered Software)1982 cassette commercial joystick license-proprietary uvl-confusable
ArcadeSearch T&F Software Company (T&F Software Company)1983 cassette commercial keyboard license-proprietary
Bewitched  Imagine (Imagine)1983 cassette commercial escape ghosts keys license-proprietary lives score
Demon Driver  Lyversoft (Lyversoft)1983 cassette commercial driving keyboard landvehicle license-proprietary malevolentprotagonist score timelimit wheeledvehicle
Four Gates to Freedom  Phoenix Software (Phoenix Software)1983 ants captives cassette commercial fixedshooter flyingdebris giantants indoors interactivefiction inventory joystick keyboard license-proprietary lives multiphased projectiledestruction rescue savepassword score space spacecraft
Jupiter Defender  Interceptor Software (Interceptor Software)1983 assemblylang cassette commercial license-proprietary
Ms. Pac-Man  Atari (Atari)1983 apples bananas cartridge cherries claiming femaleprotagonist ghosts instantdeath langinsignificant license-proprietary lives pacman pacmanlike peaches pears pretzels score strawberries
Princess and Frog Romox (Romox)1983 ♫music alligators amphibianprotagonist animalprotagonist cartridge commercial horses humanprotagonist joystick knights license-proprietary maleprotagonist medieval middleages river score snakes timelimit voiceovers
Slicker Puzzle  DKTronics (DKTronics)1983 cassette commercial keyboard license-proprietary
Space Assault  Liversoft (Liversoft)1983 cassette commercial keyboard license-proprietary
SportSearch T&F Software Company (T&F Software Company)1983 cassette commercial keyboard license-proprietary
Tank Wars O.E.M. (Machine Language Games)1983 commercial joystick license-proprietary uvl-confusable
The Quest  Commodore (Commodore)1983 cassette commercial keyboard license-proprietary
The Valley ASP Software (ASP Software)1983 commercial keyboard license-proprietary
Wacky Waiters  Imagine (Imagine)1983 cassette commercial elevators falldamage instantdeath joystick license-proprietary
Words, Words, Words (Words Words Words)  A.S.K. Software (A.S.K. Software)1983 cassette commercial keyboard license-proprietary wordinput
Atom Smasher Romik (Romik)1984 cassette commercial joystick keyboard license-proprietary