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War in Middle Earth  Hi-Tech Expressions (Hi-Tech Expressions)? archaicearth arda battleofpelennorfields book dwarves earth elves fragileprotagonist halflings highfantasy horses humans incarnateddivines lances lotr magicrings meleeweapons minastirith mordor mystics openworld pelennorfields polearms secrets spears swords uchronia weefolk
Circus Charlie (サーカスチャーリー)  Soft Pro (Konami)1986 acrobatics animals childprotagonist circus clowns horses instantdeath lions moneybags riding ropeswinging score timelimit
Ganso Saiyuuki: Super Monkey Daibouken (元祖西遊記 スーパーモンキー大冒険)  VAP (VAP)1986 circadiancycle horses riding savepassword walking xiyouji
Family Jockey (ファミリージョッキー)  Namco (Namco)1987 gambling horseracing horses riding
King of Kings (キング オブ キングス)  Namco (Atlus)1988 bows cerberi cockatrices dragons dragons-western elves firearms-early gargoyles gianthumanoids goblins golems grid grid-square gryphons harpies horses humanoidanimals knights magic meleeweapons monsters polearms polycephalids sauroids saveram seamonsters seaserpents skeletons sorcery stonemen swords tacticalrpg undead uvl-confusable wyverns zombies
Keiba Simulation: Honmei (競馬シミュレーション ほんめい;KEIBA SIMULATION 本命;Keiba Simulation Favorite)  Nichibutsu (Nichibutsu)1989 horseracing horses
Ultima: Quest of the Avatar (ウルティマ: 聖者への道;Ultima: Seisha heno Michi;ウルティマ 聖者への道)  FCI;Pony Canyon (Infinity;Atelier Double)1989 ♫rulebritannia adv-deeds adv-intermediary adv-objects adv-static aerostat alcohol amoeboids axes beggars beholders bizarrecreatures blackpearls bludgeons bodyarmor bossbattles bows cannons captives capturedresources charactercreation children chiroptera chosenone classbased consoleclassix crossbows cyclopes demonoids demons directionalforce directionalforce-wind dragons encounters-neutral encounters-popup encounters-seen europeanfae femaleprotagonist forest fromanotherworld garlic genderchoice ghosts giantinsects giantseahorses giantspiders gremlins group healingitems hiddenattributes horses hydrae inbuilttraps incendiarygrenades insects inventory karma knives liches lockpicking lutris magic magicweapons meleeweapons menus mimics monsters mystics neutralnpcs ocean orcs otherworld pirates polearms present rats refwizardofoz resting resuscitation riding river rodents ruins sanskeyboard sauroids saveram seaserpents shallowwater shopping shore skeletons slings snakes sorcery spectres staves subterranean swarmers swords teleporting thrownweapons tornados town toxins traps treants tripeds trolls ultima ultimaageofenlightenment undead walking watercraft watercraft-medium wetland willowisps willowtrees windindicator xp-deeds xp-kills xp-literal xp-multi xp-objects
Isaki Shuugorou no Keiba Hisshou Gaku (井崎修五郎の競馬必勝学)  Imagineer (C-Lab)1990 gambling horseracing horses saveram
Baken Hisshou Gaku: Gate In (馬券必勝学 ゲートイン)  K Amusement Leasing (Graphic Research)1990 gambling horseracing horses
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Hillsfar (AD&D ヒルズファー;AD&D ヒルズファー)  Pony Canyon (FCI)1991 adnd consoleclassix dnd horses magic medieval riding saveram uvl-tiein