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The Black Cauldron  Sierra On-Line (Sierra On-Line)1986 agiengine agsengine disney hunger movie multipleendings scummvm
King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella (King's Quest 4: The Perils of Rosella)  Sierra On-Line (Sierra On-Line)1988 agiengine femaleprotagonist gameprogress highbornprotagonist kingsquest magical medieval multipleendings sci-engine sci0 scummvm uchronia
Maniac Mansion  Lucasfilm Games (Lucasfilm Games)1988 clickadventure maniacmansion mansion multipleendings multiprotagonists scumm scummvm thx-1138
Wing Commander  Origin Systems (Origin Systems)1990 27thcentury addons branchingstory darkspace display-mcga display-vga extraterrestrial future militaryfiction multipleendings namelessprotagonist space spacecombatsim spacecraft spacecraft-small spacefaringage spaceflight war wingcommander
Heart of China  Sierra On-Line (Dynamix)1991 1930s alternatingprotagonist asia asia-east china chinese-theme city city-paris-fr clickadventure dgdsengine did display-ega display-vga france hongkong multipleendings nepal rescue turkey
Daughter of Serpents (The Scroll)  Millennium Interactive;Nova Spring;Psygnosis (Eldritch Games)1992 3.5disk africa cdrom city city-alexandria-eg companion contemporaryfantasy cthulhumythos earth egypt egyptian-theme egyptianmythology fantasticearth genderchoice multipleendings
Wizardry VII: Crusaders of the Dark Savant (Wizardry 7)  Sir-Tech;Night Dive Studios (Sir-Tech)1992 cpu-286 dataexport display-ega display-vga dos3 dungeoncrawler evilwins gog gridmove group humanoidanimals magic multipleendings murinoids mystics sauroids sciencefantasy specieschoice sprites steampowered wizardry wizardry-darksavant
Ultima VII: The Black Gate (Ultima VII: Die Schwarze Pforte;Ultima 7: The Black Gate;Ultima VII: La Porte Noire)  Origin (Origin)1992 ♫flightofthebumblebee ♫rulebritannia 1life 3.5disk alcohol aliens apples axes bees blackpearls bludgeons bows capacity-stacks capacity-volume capacity-weight captives carts chapel cheese chosenone circadiancycle city cooking crafting crates crt-static crteffects currency demons domesticcats drills-rig drugs femaleprotagonist fictionalelement firearms firearms-early forest fromanotherworld garlic genderchoice giantinsects gog goldbars goldnuggets group illequipped ineptveteran inventory jewelry juggernauts knives lagomorphs latemodernperiod limitedcapacity lockpicking magic magicrings magicweapons meleeweapons mice monsters multipleendings neutralnpcs noncombpenalty npcschedules optionaltasks otherworld parrots pirates polearms precisionrifles present prospecting prostitutes pumpkin refwizardofoz riding ruins safezone seamlessworld sheep shopping sorcery sourcecodemissing subterranean swords thrownweapons town trash ultima ultima7-engine ultimaageofarmageddon unicorns walking whips willowisps xp-deeds xp-kills
Ultima VII: Forge of Virtue (Ultima 7: Forge of Virtue)  Origin (Origin)1992 apples blackpearls carts chosenone crafting fromanotherworld garlic gog goldbars goldnuggets langcomputer multipleendings museum npcschedules pickaxe seamlessworld sourcecodemissing trash ultima ultima7-engine ultimaageofarmageddon xp-deeds xp-kills
Heirs to Skull Crag (Forgotten Realms: Unlimited Adventures;FRUA;UA)  SSI (MicroMagic;SSI)1993 2hmeleeweapons 3.5disk adnd adv-progress adv-static alienplanet autumnal axes basilisks beholders bludgeons bodyarmor bossbattles bows breathweapons caninoids cdrom cemetery charactercreation city classbased classbasedeq combatmode companion compass containers crossbows dataexport dataimport did difficulty dnd doors dragonprotagonist dragons dragons-western driders dungeoncrawler dwarves elves encounters-random encounters-set encounters-timed fantasyworld fatigue feelies femaleprotagonist fictionaluniverse forest forgottenrealms genderchoice genderpenalty ghosts giantanimals giantinsects giantmonsters giantspiders giantsquids gnolls gnomes goblins godlingprotagonist goldboxengine golems gridmove group halflings hazardouspowers healingitems heroprotagonist highfantasy horses humanoids humans ichthyoids illusionarywalls inorganics insectoids inventory jewelry jinn joystick karma keys knives leveleditor liches lockpicking lowfantasy magic magicweapons maleprotagonist medieval meleeweapons mercenaryprotagonist militantprotagonist mindflayers missionbased monsters mouse multiclassing multipleendings multiverse mycoids mystics mythicalprotagonist naturalweapons orcs pascal polearms premadecharacters premadeprotagonist protagonistnaming ragtaggang randomdamage recruiting rescue resourcegeneration resting riding river romance ruins sentientartefact sewers shapeshifters shapeshifting sharedsetting shopping skeletons slings softscifi sorcery specieschoice spellmemory subterranean summery swords tentaclecreatures thrownweapons titlementioned tombstones town traps treants tutorial unarmedfighting undead unusualprotagonist uvl-tiein vampires vernal walking wasteland weefolk wintery wyverns xp-deeds xp-kills
The Legend of Kyrandia: Malcolm's Revenge (Legend of Kyrandia 3;Fables & Fiends: Book Three)  Virgin (Westwood)1994 cdrom clickadventure eob-engine killerrabbits kyrandia multipleendings scummvm
Anvil of Dawn  New World Computing (DreamForge Intertainment)1995 1life adv-objects altcharfates altprotagonistencounters automap axes bodyarmor capacity-weight castle cdrom charactercreation chosenone compass cpu-486 crossbows derelict dialog-keywords diaries doors dos5 elementals enemyhealthdisplay energyregen energyregen-slow eviloverlord femaleprotagonist finiteopposition genderchoice goblins gog gridmove healingitems healthregen healthregen-slow hitchance idlenoise illequipped illusionarywalls interactivedialogs interactivetriggers inventory inventory-supplies jewelry keyboard keys livingwater loot-predefined luggage magic magic-sigils maleprotagonist mapannotation medieval meleeweapons minimap mouse multipleendings nontolkienian noports onehanded oneoftheenemy overburdening overloading paperdoll polearms portals potions premadecharacters prerenderedcinematics pressureplates printer protagonistnaming randomchance saveanywhere serious shields solomission sorcery spears specieschoice stamina stationaryattack swords swordstaffs throwanything thrownweapons titlementioned unknownpast voiceovers war xp-literal
The Dig  LucasArts (LucasArts)1995 alienplanet aliens alientechnology book cdrom cheapdeath clickadventure communicator cpu-486 crystals death desolate difficulty-single displacementfiction dos6 download firstcontact hoarding insaneengine interactivedialogs inventory inventory-indisposable isolatedlocale lightbridges lutris mediaindrive militantprotagonist minigames multipleendings noinstall pda publictransit ruins saveanywhere scumm scummvm serious spectres starfishaliens stranded unexpectedsituation uvl-releases voiceovers voiceovers-full
Escape (エスケープ) May-Be Soft (May-Be Soft)1996 medieval multipleendings porn subterranean teenprotagonist
Harvester  Virgin;Merit Studios (DigiFX Interactive)1996 1950s amnesia clickadventure cultists digitizedimages digitizedvideo gore inventory latemodernperiod liveactors multipleendings mystery past rating-bbfc-18 sequence-timed sex splatter steampowered surreal town
Sentient  Psygnosis (Psygnosis)1997 asphyxiation clanguage controlconfig difficulty difficulty-aspects dosextender exoticresolution investigation multipleendings radiation spacestation
Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny (Lands of Lore II: Guardians of Destiny;Lands of Lore 2;LoL2)  Virgin Interactive (Westwood Studios)1997 1life antimagiczones automap autosaves-periodic axes bellyofawhale bigcats bludgeons capturedresources cave cdrom civilianprotagonist civilizedsavages clingers compass crawltunnels curse dark-limited datacaching deadlywater deities diaries difficulty difficulty-ingame dinosaurs dromaeosaurs elevators elevators-multifloor energyregen enlargingprotagonist environmentalpuzzle falselyaccused felinoids flammables forest giantinsects giantspiders glowingeyes gog healingitems healthregen hiddenattributes hiddenitemstats idlenoise illusionarywalls inventory involuntarystates jumping keys knockback landsoflore liveactors magic mapannotation mapspoilers mediaindrive meleeweapons milessound monsters multipleendings museum mystics neutralmonsters nightvision nontolkienian outlanderprotagonist pictureinpicture polycephalids polymathprotagonist premadeprotagonist prologue quake recurrence recurrence-character ruins saveanywhere screenshake seers shapeshifters shapeshifting shopping shrinkingprotagonist sorcery stealingnpcs subterranean swords tentaclecreatures town toxins trash treetoptown tropic unarmedfighting unexplainedelements unusualprotagonist variableabilitypower voiceovers volcanic walking
Fallout  Interplay (Black Isle Studios)1997 1life 2160s 22ndcentury adv-perks adv-ptdistr alternatetimeline assemblylang automap botching california charactercreation circadiancycle combatmode cruelty-potential currency-unusual deathworld desura dingy doors download drugs earth encounters-random energyweapons fallout fallout-engine firearms fistloads future genderchoice giantanimals giantspiders gore graybrown grenades grid grid-hex handguns inaccurateinfo initiative injuries interactivedialogs isolationists karma locationaldamage lockpicking losttechnology meleeweapons multipleendings mutants neutralmonsters northamerica overworld parttargeting postapocalypse powerarmor raygungothic retrofuture rotaryguns ruinedworld scorpions sdl shopping sourcecodeavailable spiritualsuccessor stealing stealth thrownweapons thx-1138 timelimit timeunits town turnbasedcombat ubuntu unarmedfighting uvl-confusable walking wasteland weirdscience xp-kills