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Battlezone (Battle Zone)  Atari (Atari)1983 lives score tank tanks
Crush, Crumble and Chomp! (Crush, Crumble & Chomp!)  Automated Simulations (Automated Simulations)1983 elimination giantmonsterprotagonist giantmonsters hunger independentaim npcspawning rampage soldiers tanks
Tank (Tank!)  International PC Owners (International PC Owners)1983 tanks
Arctic Fox (Arcticfox)  Electronic Arts (Dynamix)1986 stellar7 tank tanks wintery
Gemini-2  Paragon Software (Paragon Software)1986 radar tank tanks
Night Fire  WallyWare (WallyWare)1986 artillerygame tanks
Ogre  Origin Systems (Origin Systems)1986 21stcentury grid-hex hovervehicles hybridage-theme nuclearweapons tabletoptiein tank tanks wargame
Tanks  author (author)1986 tanks
Kampfgruppe  SSI (SSI)1987 tanks wargame worldwar worldwar2
Mech Brigade  SSI (SSI)1987 1990s coldwar customscenarios germany tanks
Tommy's Tanks  Tommy's Toys (Tommy's Toys)1987 score tank tanks
Cabal  Capcom (Interactive Designs)1988 firearms grenades militantprotagonist score tanks
Fire Power (Firepower)  MicroIllusions (Silent Software)1988 arenashooter lives tank tanks
Splitz  I.B. Magazette (I.B. Magazette)1988 fixedshooter lives score tank tanks
Tank  author (author)1988 tank tanks
Flash Attack  Galacticomm (Galacticomm)1989 tanks
Heavy Metal  Access Software (Access Software)1989 buggy score tank tank-m1-abrams tanks turret wasteland
M1 Tank Platoon  Microprose (Microprose)1989 tank tank-m1-abrams tanks tanksim
Omega  Origin Systems (Micro Magic)1989 programming tank tanks
RoboTank  author1989 edu-programming leveleditor tanks
Sarge  Capcom (Micro Talent)1989 arenashooter helicopters score tanks
Sky Shark (Flying Shark)  Taito (Taito)1989 aerodyne aeroplane lives score scrollingshooter tanks
Steel Thunder (Steel Thunder: American Battle Tank Simulation)  Accolade (Accolade)1989 display-cga display-ega display-mcga display-vga tank tanks
The Battle of Kursk  author (author)1989 1940s europe russia tank tanks worldwar worldwar2
Thunder Blade (Thunderblade)  Sega;U.S. Gold (Sega;U.S. Gold)1989 aerodyne bossbattles helicopter helicopters instantdeath lives rotorcraft score scrollingshooter tanks unboundspeed