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Fallout 3 (FO3)  Bethesda Softworks (Bethesda Game Studios)2008 1life 23rdcentury abnormalammo achievements achievements-public actioncamera addiction adv-perks adv-ptdistr alternatetimeline ammomagazines anatomicdamage apartmentbuilding aspectratio-16-10 aspectratio-16-9 aspectratio-4-3 aspectratio-5-4 assaultrifles automap autopause-inventory autosavepoints backstabbing beamweapons blacksheep bludgeons burning cannibalism capacity-stacks capacity-weight captives cave censored charactercreation chekhovsgun children circadiancycle city city-washington-dc classless consequences cpplanguage crafting criticalchance cruelty-potential crustacoids currency-unusual cyborgs deadondisplay death deathworld depthoffield devconsole diaries difficulty difficulty-ingame dingy directx9 disarming discrimination disproportionateretribution doors download drm druggies drugs dualism dvd earth energyweapons fakenames fallout fasttravel firearms fistloads flamethrowers flammablegas friendlyfire future gadgetweapons gamebryoengine gameoftheyear genderchoice ghouls giantants gianthumanoids giantinsects giantrobots giantshoulderpads giantspiders gore graphicdeaths graybrown graychoices grenades grotesque growingprotagonist hacking handguns healthregen hiddenvillage home humanexperiments humanoidanimals ignoredcompanions improvisedweapons indicator-poi indicator-threat injuries interactivedialogs inventory isolationists itemdurability jumping karma knives laserweapons letterbox levelcap leveleditor library limitedcapacity locationaldamage locationalhealth lockpicking lockpicking-feedback lutris machineguns malfunctioning maneaters mcbestgameaward meleeweapons mines modsupport moralchoices multipleendings museum music-licensed music-vocal mutagen mutants nailguns netframework neutralmonsters neutralnpcs news noheadbob northamerica npcinjuries npcschedules organizedcrime outlaws overkill parttargeting pickpocketing plasmaweapons postapocalypse powerarmor precisionrifles prejudice pressureplates propaganda prostitutes protagonistdesigning protagonistdesigning-face protagonistredesigning radiation radioactiveglow raiders rating-cero-z raygungothic reload-auto reload-manual repairing retrofuture robots rockets rogueai rotaryguns ruinedworld ruins sauroids saveanywhere scientists scorpions search securom7 sentientmachines shantytown shopping sidetracked slavery slowmotion splatter starforce stealing stealth stealthmode stupidevil submachineguns subway supermode swimming swords tasktracker teenprotagonist teslacoils thermalweapons thx-1138 timeskip town trapdisarming traps tripwires tutorial unarmedfighting unvoicedprotagonist variableending waiting walking wasteland widescreen winvista winxp
Lost Planet 3  Capcom (Spark Unlimited)2013 26thcentury achillesheelfoes aimassist alienanimals alienblood aliens ammotypes assaultrifles autosavepoints beamweapons bellyofawhale bioluminescence blindfiring bossbattles capacity-toolslots cave chargers chargingweapons collectibles compass coversystem crepuscularrays currency-unusual damageindicator distortedhearing dodging drills elevators energyweapons extraterrestrial fallbackweapon fasttravel-points firearms fofindicator framestory future giantmonsters giants glowsuits grapplinghook grenadelaunchers grenades handguns hatchers healthregen hiddenvillage hive hudmalfunctioning itemglow jargon knockback knockdown lasso legacydesign-controls lightbloom limitedcapacity lostplanet maleprotagonist mecha megacorps minimap monsters motionblur mp-dm mp-teams nailguns npcgenerators objectiveindicator optionaltasks parentprotagonist pointofnoreturn precisionrifles quicktimeevent radar rating-pegi-16 realisticshotguns reload-manual screenshake screenstaining secrets shopping shotguns skipnoninteractive splatter steampowered supplystations tangiblecorpses tumbling unrealengine3 upgradesystem visualizedtrajectory volcanic walker walkers wintery winvista winxp ziplines zoom