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Half-Life  Sierra (Gearbox Software)2001 2000s 21stcentury 3plusfactions abnormalammo absolutearmor airducts alieninvasion aliens ambientcreatures ammomagazines anticipatorystockpiles autosavepoints blankprotagonist blindcreatures bludgeons bombs bookends bossbattles burrowers catastrophe chargingweapons cliff crates crossbows dam damageindicator dimensionaltravel directionalforce directionalforce-movingsurface earth elevatorbattle elevators energyshields ether firearms firstpersonshooter flyingislands friendlyfire genderdiscrepancy gibs goldsrc-engine halflife hazmatsuit healthbuffer healthpickups healthwarning hud-explained humanoids hunted idlenoise ingameintro jargon jumping latemodernperiod lostequipment meleeweapons modifiable newmexico northamerica npcstrife otherworld overcharging overkill pandorasbox parasites portals powerarmor quakeengine radiotap rating-esrb-m reload-auto reload-manual researchfacility rewardingvandalism rockets science-theme scientistprotagonist scientists secretfacility sessilecreatures silentprotagonist singlegender starfishaliens teleport teleporters tentaclecreatures voiceovers walkingarmory wasteprocessingstation windowentry
Killzone  Sony Computer Entertainment (Guerilla Games)2004 235x 24thcentury aimmode alphacentauri assaultrifles controlconfig difficulty extraterrestrial firstpersonshooter fofindicator friendlyfire grenadecooking grenades handguns healthregen invasion killzone-series ladders lefthanded limitedcapacity playerprofiles playerstats precisionrifles rating-esrb-m rating-pegi-16 recoil reload-auto reload-manual shotguns spacefaringage stamina voicechat war widescreen zoom