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Adventure (Aventura;Atari Adventure;Elf Adventure)  Atari;Polyvox (Atari)1980 adventureengine castle chiroptera commercial consoleclassix difficulty dragons dragons-western ending evilwizard flashback2.0 flashback3.0 flipscreens forest keys labyrinth langinsignificant license-proprietary medieval meleeweapons noalternatives secrets serious sourcecodeavailable swords walking
Haunted House (Graves Manor;Graves' Manor;Nightmare Manor;Mystery Mansion)  Atari;Sears (Atari;Sears)1981 chiroptera consoleclassix dark doors earth flashback2.0 flashback3.0 ghosts haunting indoors keys lamp mansion nonvisual spiders supernaturalphenomena survivalhorror wands
Dragonstomper (Excalibur)  Starpath;Arcadia (Starpath)1982 ♫mountainking ♫taps 1life adv-objects alternativesolutions amoeboids axes bossbattles bows bribing cave combatmode containers currency demo doors dragons dragons-western earth encounters-random ending falldamage fantasticearth forest gameplayinn guards insects keys ladders loot-random magic meleeweapons minions monsters multisequence potions primates resuscitation secrets serious shopping snakes sorcery spiders subterranean supercharger temple town toxins traps walking
Riddle of the Sphinx  Imagic (Imagic)1982 1life actionadventure camels consoleclassix curse difficulty earth egypt egyptian-theme encounters-neutral fatigue godlings healthregen highbornprotagonist hunger inventory keys langinsignificant mapdeficient neutralnpcs nomads noncombpenalty obelisks paranormal past pyramid score scorpions serious temple thieves walking wasteland xp-adv xp-kills
Secret Quest  Atari (Axlon)1989 alieninvasion aliens alone asphyxiation atlastmoment doors dragons energyweapons flashback2.0 flashback3.0 handguns indoors keys lightsabers meleeweapons score scoreoriented spacestation
Adventure II Atari;Syzygy Company (Atari;Syzygy Company)2005 adventureengine chiroptera dragons dragons-western ending flashback2.0 flashback3.0 forest keep keys labyrinth langinsignificant medieval meleeweapons swords
Return to Haunted House Atari;Syzygy Company (Atari;Syzygy Company)2005 chiroptera dark doors earth flashback2.0 ghosts haunting indoors keys lamp mansion nonvisual spiders supernaturalphenomena survivalhorror wands
Halo 2600 Code Mystics;AtariAge (Code Mystics;AtariAge)2010 aliens alphaland bodyarmor bossbattles difficulty firearms flipscreens handguns harmfultouch indoors instantdeath inventory joystick keys langinsignificant lives militantprotagonist music newgameplus nosaves outdoors platformreference powerups projectilelimit serious slowprojectiles title-animated unfixedbugs unlimitedammo unlockable-modes walking wintery