a.k.a. Aventura / Atari Adventure / Elf Adventure

published by Atari / Polyvox in 1980, developed by Atari, running on Atari 2600 VCS
type: adventure
setting: Medieval
perspective: bird's-eye
player options: single player
game engine: Adventure engine
languages: other


Adventure was released in North America by Atari, CX2613, picture and text labels rarity 2 Common+, NTSC. Sears 49-75154, picture label rarity 4 Scarce+, text label rarity 3 Scarce, NTSC. Released in South America by Polyvox, NTSC.

This game was inspired by another game called Colossal Cave Adventure (later known as Colossal Cave) by Will Crowther and Don Woods. Adventure was hundreds of kilobytes in size and ran on a room-sized mainframe; Mr. Robinett's Adventure fit in 2k and ran on a VCS, which is smaller than a VCR.

Mr. Robinett developed this game against his boss' instructions (who said it was too big).

Find the hidden dot that removes a wall and enter a secret room where the words 'Created by Warren Robinett' are spelled out.
Mr. Robinett also did this without permission and it was discovered after he'd left employment with Atari. At the time, programmers at Atari were not given credit, could not discuss their work in public, had no official creative input, were not allowed to collect royalties and were being paid less then some of their own secretaries.

In a development version of the game, there was a roadrunner character that just ran around.

Late in the development of this game, Mr. Robinett was told by marketing to change the game to 'Superman' to ride the hype of the Superman movie that was released in 1978. John Dunn came to the rescue and volunteered to do the Superman game.

Rocky's Boots was the followup to this game and uses a later version of the adventure engine (ADV# engine).
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Technical specs

display: raster

Editor note

About the release date:

Could be 1979 or 1980. According to the game developer, Warren Robinett:

I am pretty sure the Adventure cartridge was released during the 1979 Christmas season. But I was in Europe during that time. People were definitely playing Adventure in early 1980 [...] Anyway, the Adventure cart was definitely out in the world by June 1980, and had been out there for a while. My belief is that it was released during the 1979 Christmas season, but I did not actually see an Adventure cart in a retail store prior to Jan. 1, 1980. So I guess I don't truly know for sure.

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Warren Robinett (developer)

External review - average: 66%

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Tilt 1-38fr21982-114/666%

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Adventure in-game screen.
Adventure (Atari 2600 VCS)
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