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Dragonstomper (Excalibur)  Starpath;Arcadia (Starpath)1982 ♫mountainking ♫taps 1life adv-objects alternativesolutions amoeboids axes bossbattles bows bribing cave combatmode containers currency demo doors dragons dragons-western earth encounters-random ending falldamage fantasticearth forest gameplayinn guards insects keys ladders loot-random magic meleeweapons minions monsters multisequence potions primates resuscitation secrets serious shopping snakes sorcery spiders subterranean supercharger temple town toxins traps walking
Pitfall! (Pitfall Harry's Jungle Adventure;Dschungel Boy;Tomboy;Abenteuer im Urwald;Pitfalls;Treasure Hunting)  Activision;CCE;Ariola (Activision)1982 consoleclassix crocodiles flashback2.0 flipscreens giantanimals giantinsects giantscorpions goldbars jungle lives lutris pitfallseries progressleft realtimelimit ropeswinging snakes southamerica subterranean
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial  Atari;CCE (Atari)1982 alienprotagonist aliens alternativesolutions city consoleclassix defenseless difficulty earth ending ettheextraterrestrial exploration forest healingitems hoverflight humans ingamecinematics inventory magic nocombat nudity-inhuman openworld optionaltasks outdoors psychicpowers score secrets serious subterranean titlescreen urbanlegend uvl-tiein walking wrappingworld
Dig Dug (ディグダグ)  Atari (General Computer Corp.)1983 digdug digging lives monsters score subterranean
Solar Defense  VentureVision (VentureVision)1983 3ormoreplayers cancelled dualpaddles extraterrestrial futuristic militantprotagonist mp-cooperative mp-versus naturalistic paddles serious subterranean uvl-imagequality uvl-missingimages
H.E.R.O. (HERO)  Activision;CCE;Tron;Ariola;Polyvox;HES (Activision;CCE;Tron;Ariola;Polyvox;HES)1984 subterranean
Montezuma's Revenge (Montezuma's Revenge: Featuring Panama Joe)  Parker Brothers (James Wickstead Design Associates)1984 cemetery ladders lives mesoamerican-theme metroidvania montezumasrevenge-series score snakes spiders subterranean
Pitfall II: Lost Caverns  Activision;Ariola (Activision)1984 aerostat earth electriceels ending frog goldbars hasmusic jumping latemodernperiod naturalistic pitfallseries primates retrypoints southamerica subterranean swimming underwaterdiving walking
Venture II: The Abysmal Abyss (Venture 2: The Abysmal Abyss) AtariAge;Coleco (Coleco)2001 crossbows gems heroprotagonist langinsignificant medieval monsters snakes subterranean
Caverns of Mars (Conquest of Mars)  Atariage;Atari (APX)2005 fbd mars subterranean
Boulder Dash  First Star Software;AtariAge (First Star Software;AtariAge)2012 boulderdashlike claiming digging homebrew subterranean