Multiple King's Quest entries, it's not about bootloading


Many of the King's Quest games came in multiple engines. But they also came in Tandy 1000, PCjr, and DOS/PC compatible specific versions. these are not the same games. In fact, Some of Sierra's own compilations on CD include up to five versions of the 'same game'. They did not make a CD-ROM compilation with DOS and PCjr games because they intended for PCjr owners to play one version and not the other. If you don't believe me, try running a CD-ROM on a PCjr. They included multiple versions because they are different. The SCUMMVM team agrees, the machine specific games are treated distinctly by that software. I put a lot of effort into cataloging each separate entry including loading up many versions of my Sierra games both individual and from compilation to multiple systems and multiple emulators checking to make sure the games were not just 1:1 copies in different boxes and/or with different system requirements stickers.

Also, UVL users besides myself may have marked the individual versions as played/owned etc. And marked ranking of the individual versions. These were lost.

I rather not do all that again so please restore each entry, thank you.

2019-04-30 (updated 2019-04-30)
Tandy 1000 and PCJr games are placed under MS-DOS platform (discussable but I personally think thats good, because in the world of games I consider them belonging to the IBM compatible family). Explain the special versions of the game in the main description, tag them as pcjr, tandy1000 or create new tags for those special cases, but I don't like a situation to place two 'same' King's Quest games under the MS-DOS platform. When this discussion becomes heated I would rather agree creating a new PCJr platform and split the games from DOS than having it both under DOS as 2 entries.

Will post the two links to the deleted logs with tags and description to the two deleted KQ games here so they don't "vanish" for possible restoring purposes later:

I don't like multiple versions under the same platform either. I would support a PCjr+Tandy 1000 platform (as opposed to separate PCjr & Tandy 1000) simply because the PCjr library is so tiny and on a technical level, PCjr can be or could be upgraded to full Tandy 1000 compatibility using more than one practical method. But, this would still have the double entry issue for game released separately for PCjr and Tandy 1000. To aid in the discussion and future classification games for the three systems, I've made an extensive (but still not comprehensive) break down of Tandy, IBM-PC, and PCjr differences in the Tandy 1000 group. I did not, for instance, individually list the 39 memory differences with address ranges, functions, attached hardware, port names, port types, if they are different for only one or for both of the other systems, and which of the 39 do or do not apply to each model in the Tandy 1000 series, because they are all essentially the same issue; direct memory access can break compatibility the way a target can still be obliterated by shotgun that misses the bullseye. I also haven't delved into IBM's Micro Channel Architecture which I believe was never successfully cloned in a PC compatible except by Tandy for some models in the T1K series (and I don't think MCA ever directly effected games).