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"So everyone who acknowledges me before men, I also will acknowledge before my Father who is in heaven, but whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven." - Jesus

Location: Jefferson USA
Occupation: Truck Driver
Religion: I try not to
Faith: Christ Jesus
Gaming Alias: zerothis
Real Name: Is need-to-know information
email: Is need-to-know information
# Useful Characters #
M2 S: f. m. 1/4 1/2 3/4 DEG * * YA ya n Li -L- YEN P: CUR * -: *1 *2 * * ^1 ^2 ^3 ^4 ^5 ^6 ^7 ^8 ^9 ^0 * I i # D- TH ss FA ** K-o U-o (c) 88 * <- <!! -^ //> -> !!> -v <// o * * * * * * * * * * * * cH cD cS- cC- cS cC cH- cD- non-breaking hyphen "-", figure dash "*", en dash "*-", en dash pair "- -", horizontal bar "-", non-breaking space " "

## Platforms ##[spoiler=platforms;platforms]-PC - Linux(NO WINDOWS NO WINE. My main PC #
* Distros: lubuntu, NO WINDOWS NO WINE
* Kernal: 2.6.37-19 (Custom compiled, PRESCOT
* SPU: C-Media USB dongle

# PC - Linux, NO WINDOWS NO WINE, Dual Pentium 2 # AMD Athlon # AMD K6 # Pentium # Pentium # 486 # 386 # 286 #
# PC - MS-DOS/lubuntu, NO WINDOWS NO WINE, Pentium 2 # 8086 #
# iMac # (currently not working, power supply)
# Atari 800XL # Atari 130XE #
# [ plus]uvlist.net/search?fplat=21 Apple ][ plus #
# Commodore 64 keyboard sized # large #
# Commodore Vic-20 #
# Playstation # Playstation #
# Super NES #
# NES original # NES2 #
# Gameboy # Gameboy # Gameboy # Gameboy #
# Super Gameboy #
# Gameboy Advance original # SP #
# Nintendo DS MarioKart Edition #
# Virtualboy #
# Nintendo 64 #
# GameCube #
# Master System # Master System Converter #
# Genesis #
# Sega CD # Genesis CDX (This thing is so awesome) #
# 32X #
# Saturn #
# Gamegear #
# Atari 2600 jr # Atari VCS woody #
# Atari 5200 4-port #
# Atari 7800 #
# Atari Lynx # Atari Lynx # Atari Lynx #
# Atari Jaguar #
# Amiga CD32 #
# Colecovision #
# Intellivision #
# Magnovox Odyssey^2 #
# Magnovox Odyssey 100 #
Magnovox CD-i #
# TG-16 #
# TG-CD #
# TurboXpress #Other Language:
# Super Micro #
# Action Max #
# Wii #
# VTech Socrates #

## Styles ##
  • I use italics to emphasize, bold to draw attention, and all caps to SHOUT!
  • I sometimes _underline_words_ for various reasons
  • I use abbreviated form emotions, :) :( ;) :P instead of :-) :-( ;-) :-P And I use them in place of punctuation:)
  • I use *Asterisk* to indicate descriptions of actions. *blink*, *blink*, *blink*, (I'm blinking at yo now), *blink*. Although I suppose I should use [brackets] which I also use to indicate a description of some thing.
  • I use *snip* to indicate removal of text in stead of using ...
    As in,
    Twinkle, twinkle, little*snip*Tea toy in the sky.
    The lion and the unicorn where walking through the land. They came across a Man on a cross. Each thought "I will use this Man." The lion said *snip**snip**snip* rod. Which is why we now rely on government more than God.
  • I often use the spoiler tag just to conserve space in UVL articles.

## TO-DO Section ##
# Urgency Ratings #
(0) Finished/Gave up
(1) I think about it
(2) Rarely work on it
(3) Occasionally work on it
(4) Regularly work on it
(5) Working on it now
(URGENT) Special attention, time sensitive task

# (1) Missing Linux Game Publishing product IDs. 1-6, 21, 25-34, and 38. 17 IDs without a product?

# (3) [url=http://uvlist.net/forum/thread/11563/ Superb Information Not Named in Entertainer's Rating Systems]uvlist.net/forum/thread/11563/ Superb Information Not Named in Entertainer's Rating Systems[/url]#
* Name may change

# (1) Games sold in Israel #
(Very difficult to sort out, I don't even know my abjad!)
* http://www.bug.co.il/
* PSP http://www.bug.co.il/productpage.asp?c=306&t=32
* PS2 General http://www.bug.co.il/productpage.asp?c=260&t=32
* PS2 Racing http://www.bug.co.il/productpage.asp?c=261&t=32
* PS2 Sports http://www.bug.co.il/productpage.asp?c=262&t=32
* PS2 Fight/Wrestle http://www.bug.co.il/productpage.asp?c=263&t=32
* (URGENT) PS2 Bargin Bin http://www.bug.co.il/productpage.asp?c=263&t=32
This is the last chance page. These titles will disappear from the site soon.
* PS2 EyeToy http://www.bug.co.il/productpage.asp?c=321&t=32
* Various Cartoon games? http://www.bug.co.il/productpage.asp?c=259&t=32
# (0) Reused music in Games #
* (1) Civilisation 4

# (3) New Platforms/Operating Systems #
Always on the lookout for that vinyl record based videogame console
* (1) Which Linux Distros does it easily compile & run on? (tags)

# (2) Completions #
* (1) Atari 2600
* (1) Atari 7800
* (5) Linux

# (2) Maintainence #
* (1) Atari 5200
* (1) HP3000/HP3000e
* (2) Maintain Atari 5200 completion, try for Super-Completion
* (1) Atari 8-Bit

# (2) Old projects #
* (1) Tag HexGrid
* (2) Tag faiths
* (0.5) Dungeons & Dragons
* (0.5) Ultima
Relationships/tags restructuring Also EA Replay
* (2) Multiplayer 'tags'
* (2) Copy Protection Scams (1owner, 3PLock, Armadillo, cdindrive, cdkey/serial, CD-Cops, CDSCP, CRC via Internet, Dumb Files, encrypted EXE, feelies, feeliesperplay, Internet Activation, invasionkey, Laserlock, multicdindrive (requires all CDs/DVD to be inserted, verified, ejected, one after another to boot the game), newinstallkey, noexistkey, PhenoProtect, ProtectCD, ProtectCD-VOB, ProtectDisc, RING PROTECH, SafeDisc, securom, screw-u-rom4, fraud-u-rom4-6, securom4-7, securom4-8, fu-rom7, smarte, spykey, StarForce(AKA: Pure EVIL), Protected by Satan, Steam CDS, TAGES, UPX compressed, )
* (0) [[linkhttp://uvlist.net/groups/info/zorro El Zorro characters]] A group in need of a fan to fill in the character details. Zorro was popular before my time and/or not in my country, so I am not that familiar with it.

# Philosophies #
  • Videogames are an art form
  • Videogames is a word
  • Liberty Software (Free Libre Open Source Software)
    I expect some of my tags to eventually be converted to regular UVL data (EDSAC tag to EDSAC platform, langHebrew tag to Hebrew language option). Or deleted when a better one is created (3Dfx replaced by Glide3D) and then converted to regular UVL data. When all my tag work is destroyed in this way, I am content.
  • Maximum usability for all
    I believe every effort should be made to reduce the use of graphics and client-side scripts on webpages as these things are more effective at excluding people than adding features.

# Corporations #
A corporation is a fictional entity that exists only on paper and has many of the rights of citizens but few of the responsibilities. It possesses artificial immortality. Its capacity for wealth is limited only by the amount of wealth available. As its capacity for power. Its potential abilities are so far beyond that of real human person, it makes humanity obsolete as dominate sentient lifeforms leaving only a place for us as its servants. When physiologically examined as an person (the law defines it such) it is shown to suffer from [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychopathy Psychopathy]], antisocial personality disorder, and is a proven danger to itself (employees) and others (customers and non-customers alike). It has no body to kick and no soul to damn. It does not bleed or morn, regret or repent. It will eat it own parents, which it cannot honor. It will consume its own children which are automatons, not inheritors. It cannot love. A corporation is no more real, nor more clever, and not nearly as trustworthy as Puss in Boots.
"I hope we shall...crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations, which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws of our country" -1816 Thomas Jefferson
  • A corporation's sole purpose is to make money for it's stock holders. It has no mandate to consider the public good, the wellbeing of its employees or customers, nor even the laws of the land. In fact, a corporation is a convenient way for individuals to abuse any and all of the above and stand a good chance of never be held responsible for their actions. This is no secret as different countries include "Limited liability" high in the legal definition of a corporation. In some countries corporations are named after the phrase: "sociedade limitada", "Gesellschaft mit beschra:nkter Haftung", "Societ`a a Responsabilit`a Limitata", "private limited company", "public limited company", "Limited Liability Company". In some countries, they are named Anonymous, "sociedade anonima". Anonymous! "You can trust us, we're Anonymous." A corporation, in simplest terms, is a ploy to exploit in complete anonymity.
  • Canon cannot discern beauty
  • Activision doesn't play games
  • Amazon can't read
  • Electronic Arts does not possesses creativity
  • Cisco Systems cannot make friends
  • CNN does not defend humanity
  • Costco doesn't feel hunger
  • Glaxo Wellcome cannot suffer from diseases
  • Lockheed Martin is not a peacemaker
  • Disney does not love children
  • The one thing these companies can do is make money.
  • Corporations engaged in the business of taking over other corporations are doing evil. "You are in for trouble! You take over house after house and field after field, until there is no room left for anyone else in all the land" -Isaiah 5:8 (CEV)]]
    Some other prevalent conditions of corporations:
    Dissocial personality disorder
    Histrionic personality disorder
    Schizoid personality disorder
    Narcissistic personality disorder
    Sadistic personality disorder
    dangerous and severe personality disorder

    # Business #
    [spoiler=Business;Business]I'm all for business and profit. I like some of The Rules of Acquisition. Not all profit is Money. Not everything that shines is Latinum. Business is business. (Dehumanization is not)

  • # Copyright #
    :At one time, it was acceptable it buy and sell people. But when we did this, we generally let our slaves think whatever they liked, as long as they obeyed. And after a time or under certain conditions, our slaves were usually set free as required by law (except for a relatively short time in USA history). We are more 'evolved' now. We buy and sell people's thoughts instead of their bodies. And we don't set them free until 75 years or more (as much as 350) after the "owner's" death. We could only own a slaves body, at most, for a single lifetime.
    I suggest a return to traditional values. Intellect should not be kept in slavery for more than seven years. If it was originally bundled with other intellectual property, that property should go free also. If the fans of the property demand that the owner continue care for the property, then the owner may own the property for longer than 7 years, as long as they provide for the property's needs.

    # Politics #
    Tic - A blood sucking parasite
    Poli- A Latin prefix meaning "Many"
    I'm Libertarian, I respect your right to be wrong (unless I voted for you).

    # Some Good Games #
    exult - Cross platform engine for Ultima VII and similar games
    xu4 - Cross platform engine for Ultima IV and similar games
    Zelda Classic - Cross platform engine for Zelda 1 and similar games (Zelda 1, 3, GBx, and even a little Ocarina and Mega Man thrown in)
    Secret Maryo Chronicles, X-Moto, Armagetron/Armagetron Advanced, Battle for Wesnoth, FreeCiv, FlightGear, Stepmania

    Currently Owned:
    UNIX (wip)
    Atari 2600 (+emu)
    Atari 5200 (+emu)
    Atari 7800 (+emu)
    Atari Jaguar (+emu)
    Atari Lynx (+emu)
    Atari 8-bit (+emu)
    Apple ][ (+emu)
    Amiga CD32 (+emu)
    Commodore VIC-20 (+emu)
    Commodore 64 (+emu)
    TI-99/4a (+emu)
    Tandy 1000 (+emu wip)
    CollecoVision (+emu)
    Intellivision (+emu)
    Magnovox Odyssey
    Magnovox Odyssey2/Voice (+emu)
    NES (+emu)
    SNES (+emu)
    N64 (+emu)
    Gamecube (+emu)
    Wii (+emu)
    Gameboy/Color/Super (+emu)
    GBA (+emu)
    VirtualBoy (+emu)
    Nintendo DS (+emu)
    Master System (+emu)
    Genesis/CD/32X (+emu)
    Saturn (+emu)
    Dreamcast (+emu)
    Game Gear (+emu)
    TurboGraFX/CD (+emu)
    CD-i (+emu)
    PlayStation (+emu)
    PlayStation 2 (+emu)
    iMac PPC OS 9/OS X (wip)
    Game.com (+emu)
    Action MAX

    Game & Watch
    Zelda Wristwatch

    Virtual Platforms:
    ReactOS (Windowsish 16-bitish)

    MISSING (Want):
    Colleco ADAM
    Amiga OCS, ECS, & AGA
    OS X (wip, virtual/emu)
    WinCE (wip, virtual/emu)
    Super Micro

    First game console I played was Atari VCS
    First game console I programmed on was Magnavox Odyssey2 (Computer Programmer, sort of 'visual assembly').
    I had access at home to an Atari VCS until 7th grade. 2nd console I programmed on (BASIC Programming)
    First computer I used was an Epson IBM-PC compatible. It was also the first computer I programmed on.
    I used Apple ][e computers a lot at school from 5th grade to 10th grade. Mostly when not in a class(Before, after, lunch time). Mostly programming, but I did enjoy some games. If there weren't computers at school I might not have gone to highschool at all.
    First computer I owned was an Apple //c
    I had access at home to an IBM-PC jr for a while
    Got an NES in 10th grade and finally became a gamer.
    I purchased an IBM compatible in 10th grade and used DOS, 16-bit Windows, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows XP, until 2001 when I switched to Ubuntu and never used Windows on my own computers again.
    Bought an SNES in 11th grade.
    After high school, I rented a PlayStation and Ridge Racer. I was very disappointing and was hit with an overwhelming urge to play Indy 500 (which has 100% more players and 500% more tracks). I went to a thrift store where there was a VCS and INDY 500 and the racing controllers. From there things just sort of ballooned. I really only buy modern systems when it is a very good deal and when an exceptional game gets my attention.


    Rollercoaster Tycoon
    2 copies

    Rollercoaster Tycoon
    2 copies

    ADRIFT (except for version 5)
    Alan 2 & 3
    Archetype (newly reimplemented for Glk from the original Pascal sources)
    Level 9
    Magnetic Scrolls
    Scott Adams

    Ubuntu is nice, its easy, everything-just-works(TM). Everything, that is, that's officially made for Ubuntu. Non-official stuff I've hacked in is bogging down my system and making it difficult to do even simple tasks. Especially considering I'm GNU/doing it all on a low-end netbook. And it just wasn't letting me install _every_ GNU/Linux game for information mining (and screenshots). So, I've gone and installed full Debian Squeeze in a mid range box. I have Ubuntu still. Now I also have Debian. UGH! its like, like USING GNU/LINUX again! Not 30 seconds after boot I'm all into command-line coding and source file editing just to get Moria installed. Its not all bad, somehow Gnome Desktop is easier on this box' resources than lubuntu is and the internet is faster even without an adblocker.
    Anyway, to sum up. I have Ubuntu, Debian, and Haiku (x86) computers available to fulfill UVL tasks and I will consider all requests.

    Event wins by car

    Sunday Cup
    Beetle 1100 100% tuned

    Capri Rally
    (I especially enjoy racing this with cars that seem most illsuited for the narror strrets and crazy tight hairpins. It's like Monacco³. Handbrake action!)
    Beetle 4WD Stock
    Beetle 1100 100% tuned
    Viper Stock
    Cobra Stock
    Cuda Nitro
    Ford Lightining Full Tuned
    Cadalac Cien Stock
    Cuppachino Full Tuned
    Marcos GT '70 Nitro, R5 Tires
    Cooper S Stock
    ! Genetta R5 Tires
    Yellow Bird Stock (has the accelleration of a small rocket, and the same handling)
    Mazda Speed 6 Stock
    Mazda MX-Crossport Stock
    Nissan Skiline 2000 GT-B '67 Nitro, R5 tires (this could be done without nitro)
    54 Vette Stock! 154 points forward, 138 backwards.
    lotus europa special '71 Stock
    sunfire gxp Stock
    RS200 Stock

    Ambiguous source code license
    I blame Jordan Mechner for this!

    Eagles collection

    An "Eagle" in golf, means 2 strokes under par. This is a collection of some of my Eagles (NOT tool assisted)
    CF#BQFL46ZB3RVLBBSQC9DC Hole 2, from 53 yards
    CRWBHVQ6!DDVY3BBBGY?9ZD Hole 3, putt.
    B6VLH4ZZMDC7DHVBBLKGV2D Hole 3, putt.
    CG8BGNCCBDDVHSLBBJH!CCJ Hole 7, putt, I almost failed this one.
    CPDBGZMCZXF2?7VBBGFHJXN Hole 11, putt.

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    Fantasia (GEN)
    Mini Car Racing (WIN)
    Agent USA (C64)
    Agent USA (C64)
    Agent USA (A800)
    Agent USA (A800)
    Agent USA (DOS)
    Agent USA (DOS)
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    Agent USA (W31)
    Multiply Ease (IIE)
    Spirit - Stallion of the Cimmaron (GBA)
    Rugrats - I Gotta Go Party (GBA)
    Backyard Baseball (GBA)
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