"DA Converter" sound hardware

2019-05-08 (updated 2019-05-08)

I've come across several DOS games that list "DA Converter" in their audio system requirements. I'm pretty sure just about every common sound card contains a DAC (Digital to Analog Converter). Some uncommon external ones also have/are a DAC. It can't mean it supports any sound card with a DAC because that just isn't a practical option (Like saying any graphics with a GPU is supported). So what are the specs referring to here? My guess is this is some sort of resistor ladder the player could build themselves similar to, if not precisely a Covox Speech Thing. But some of them list "Covox Speech Thing" and "DA Converter" as separate supported sound hardwares. Or, "DA Converter" is something entirely different from a DAC. Does anyone at UVL know what this spec is referring to?

I would guess that it's weird lingo for non PC speaker audio, or in other words, supporting external speakers, even if PC speaker isn't technically digital. Really bad way to present it, to be honest.

Looking around a bit more, I ran into Tandy DAC, so it might be reference to that. Related to that was PC speaker emulator ("Jeffrey Hayes' Tandy DAC Sound Package") or something like that.

Thanks, but I don't think "Tandy DAC" is "DA Converter". Like the Covox Speech Thing, "Tandy DAC" and "DA Converter" are both listed separately in the same specs for some games.

It just so happens I'm currently curating all the Tandy DAC game I can find. Tandy DAC is so name because it added a Digital to Analog Converter voice to the existing "Tandy 3-voice" hardware.