Migrate does not preserve Contributors

2021-02-20 (updated 2021-02-20)

The "migrate game data' does not migrate Contributors. Possibly because it does not migrate the edit log which I think should go along with it if possible.

While this is possible, I originally skipped this as I think at logs as read-only entities.
But I see that this is actually useful.
The resulting game log could be weird in some cases as it references another game, so some assumptions could be wrong.

I need to some checks before doing this.

I think marking the migrated-in entries as "migrated-in" or some other indicator should be sufficient to let editors know why its a little wonky. Also, perhaps migrated-in entries should be shown as a block instead of interlaced between dated entries in the receiving game.

This would also be helpful in unmerging entries which I've personal only done perhaps 10 times (the old fashion way, before the migrate feature). Wait, let me be clear, I'm not suggestion an unmigrate function, rather the log with migrated-in data can be a reference to manually recreating a deleted entry. Again, I don't think this happens that often.

Thank you, good points here. I think I'm going to use the log description text to mark migrated entries as I prefer not adding a new filed in the logs table.
On visualizations yes, they could be eventually grouped on interlaced, we'll later.

Also, I really should make the deletion of games "soft" (just flagging as deleted) and not "hard" (removing it) but then every game-related query (almost a bazillion last time I counted, it is the core of the site) have to be edited and verified.

I actually made a quick and dirty "search all files" in the code and found 146 game-related queries.