CIMS sound card?


Death Knights of Krynn DOS package claims to support CIMS sound cards? what is CIMS? It also lists Adlib. It does not list Sound Blaster. It does list GameBlaster which uses "Creative Music System" could CIMS this only be a typo of CMS?

Pretty sure this is a typo. Via Google I have found an advertising from a German magazine which speaks of Soundblaster with (mit) and without (ohne) "CIMS-Chips". Which is a typo. Because when you search for Soundblaser with "CMS-Chips" you find many results.

From the ad:
"Soundkarte "SOUNDBLASTER" Version 2.0 dt.
mit CIMS-Chips (Stereo) DM 358,-
ohne CIMS-Chips (Mono) DM 289.-"

Thank you. Your help got me to considering all typo possibilities when "C/MS" occurred to me. Sure enough, "C/MS" is used often to abbreviate the "Creative Music System" (later Blastprocessed and Morphmationed into "GameMaster"). C/MS must be what was intended to be printed on the box which now that I think of it was not a North America box which nearly always says GameMaster instead of "CMS".

EDIT: Gosh. And I wrote "C/MS" in my description of the GameBlaster too. Too sleepy at the time I guess.