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A what-if game where player takes the role of one of disciples of Jesus.

Author obviously has done very little research, did not care, or pointedly made the game inaccurate to both historical records and the bible of the depicted time, especially considering some Christian reviewers consider the game possibly heretical.

2014-04-28 (updated 2014-04-28)
In truth, I'm always skeptical of "Christian Reviews" of anything. There is a tendency to commit errors of omission and exaggeration about content depending on the personal bias of the reviewer (whether they like the game or not). Not to mention some people who don't even consider themselves Christian won't hesitate to provide "Christian products" (read: "products for Christians" rather than products by Christians)

That said, I've reviewed several "let play" vids and looked many "Christian Reviews" for that game. The game cannot be heresy because Mat Dickie doesn't seem know enough about Christianity to add or change any secondary beliefs thereof (contradicting a Christian is the popular but inaccurate definition of heresy). After the vids I saw, I was shocked to see so many fair and polite "Christian Reviews" of the game; though many of these inaccurately suggested heresy. If there was any omission and exaggeration it was in favor of the game by not mentioning how buggy it was and mildly praising the potential quality a 'non-heretical' game would have been.

2014-04-29 (updated 2014-04-29)
The reviews were on a number of Christian oriented (video game) websites, IIRC. I guess I should've added references for that, but it seemed unimportant at the time. Seems searching for them no longer gives them as top results which are now instead littered with let's plays.

Edit: Here's one. Unfortunately not sure how accurate it is, but if it is, it should be fairly obvious it adds up non-Christian beliefs to the pot. objectiveministries.org/zounds/review-you_testament.html Wouldn't be surprised if that particular site was humorous one though (edit: looking around a bit more, I'm convinced it's either humorous or ridiculously close minded one). There were others I had seen when I looked up info about the game, but I'm currently rather disinterested on the matter.

Mat Dickie has since gone on to reveal enough of himself in non-fictional works that I am confident to say that he is New Age, anti-Atheist, not in any way Christian, ignorant of many spiritual matters, but well versed in facts (when he deviates from the facts, he knows it; when spiritual matters he usually doesn't). The game definitely promotes the 'MDickie religion', whatever it is; he does not hold enough Christian faith to be a heretic of it. That's said, many reviews do in fact suggest the work is heretical.
The You Testament video game info