The Tomb of Razaak

created and published by EAG in 2005-01-16, running on Apple II E
type: maze, adventure
genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy
perspective: other
player options: single player
game engine: Eamon Engine
languages: eng

Personal review

[The following text is copyrighted by Eamon Adventurer's Guild Online and presented here word-for-word thanks to their generous terms]
#250 - The Tomb of Razaak by David Owens

Reviewed by Tom Zuchowski

MAIN PGM Version: 7.1
Extra Commands: None
Deleted Commands: POWER, HEAL, SPEED, BLAST
Special Features: Lower case intro text and descriptions
Playing Time: 2 hours
Reviewer Rating: 7.0 Average Rating: 7.0/1
Reviewed by Tom Zuchowski

Description: "The war between the Zarpathian Empire and the Centauri Confederation has gone on for almost a century. Looking to make some money and win some glory, you enlist as a mercenary for the Zarpathians. Grudgingly they allow you to keep your favorite weapons, but they insist on issuing you a quantum blaster rifle.

"A vessel to which you are assigned crash-lands on the desolate planet Osiris 5, and you are knocked unconscious. When you come to, you realize that the rest of the crew has used the only functional escape pod and left you behind. There is another escape pod onboard, but it lacks a dyrillium power crystal.

"You have crashed near some ruins. With no more than your personal weapons and a sensor helmet, you must find a way off this planet!"

Review: This adventure is our second by new author David Owens. Once again, David set out to make as good as adventure as he could make with little to no special programming, relying instead on the strengths of the 7.1 DDD. This adventure came out even better than his first try.

This is mainly a game for puzzlers. There are 52 rooms and several containers, and you must work your way around as you search for the keys, tools and protective gear you will need before you finally escape.

The SF aspect is fairly low-key, and I didn't find it to be a particular plus or minus. David did an excellent job of setting up a succession of goals to achieve. I did not find the opponents excessively difficult with the standard "Sam" character, although I did take the precaution of fleeing from multiple foes to thin them down. There is a healing potion that was ample to keep me going, making the removal of spells possible.

Perhaps the item I enjoyed the most was the desert, which was the best maze that Eamon has seen in a very long time. I've always enjoyed a good maze, and this no doubt contributed to my overall scoring.

If you like puzzling and mazing, you won't go wrong here.

Difficulty of about (7).
(Zerothis) - # 2010-02-25 20:48:18 - source

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