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Winter Voices Episode 3: Like a Crow on a Wire

created and published by beyondthepillars in 2011-03-14, running on Windows
type: turn-based, role-play
series: Winter Voices
perspective: bird's-eye (isometric)
player options: single player
other: Add-on
languages: eng fre

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Official description
For the first time in what seems an eternity, a tiny village crushed by the huge mass of mountains indicates the presence of other human beings... Will they be a great help or a danger more deadly than your desperate and icy loneliness? The road to the capital becomes clearer and the river, which crosses inhabited land, is not far behind the last peak and mountain pass. The acceptance of your fate and of potential relief of your inner turmoil seem attainable... As existence appears to be possible again, the fear of death grows more acute, increasing the risk of being sucked into a great void.

New features & content:
* We've hidden in this turning-point episode several clues... Will you find them?
* A new village to explore! But beware: appearances can be deceptive...
* Dozen of new NPCs!
* Exclusive combats: fight on the Frontier, where only your willpower can defeat
* A new offensive game mode to unlock, for those who will overcome the Frontier
* The end of the season's first half! Will you triumph over the mountain?
# 2011-03-22 22:50:27 - official description
Technical specs
display: raster
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Winter Voices Episode 3: Like a Crow on a Wire in-game screen.
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