Dinner Date

created and published by Stout Games in 2010-11-17, running on Windows
perspective: 1st person
player options: single player
languages: eng ita rus
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(Jugado de principio a fin)

Un corto interactivo en el cual manejas las acciones subconscientes del protagonista.

-La mecánica es de lo más original.

-Apenas otorga más opciones que mirar hacia los lados y unas pocas acciones concretas: hacer caminar al protagonista y revolver por su casa hubiera sido muy acertado (y coherente con su impaciencia en la historia)
-La historia es corta, vulgar y bastante predecible.

2 de 10

# 2016-07-25 11:50:44

Official description

Julian Luxemburg has prepared a dinner for two at his place – but things go awry when the date does not show up and he is left waiting at his dinner table, the clock’s ticking growing unbearably loud.

„Dinner Date" is the character portrait of Julian: by becoming his subconsciousness you gain a clear vantage point on the worries which take a hold of him. As the wait for the beautiful girl grows longer it becomes evident that Julian’s real problems may not even begin originate the girl: what of his work and his boss? And what of the headhunter, his fascination with Byron and his friendship with Jerry who, all things considered, was ultimately the person who pushed Julian to go on this date?

You are not merely listening – in the unprecedented role as his subconsciousness you tap the table, look at the clock and, as Julian bares more of his mind, reluctantly start to eat, your actions resonating with Julian’s thoughts to form an absolutely singular form of intimacy.

In this manner you will experience „Dinner Date": with some glasses of wine, some bread, some soup - and with a clock which slowly mocks the constant wait for when she comes, this elusive girl who will solve everything.

Key features:
* Julian’s story lasts a fully voiced 25 minutes and is told through various unique animations, set in a real-time 3d environment with the unique interface of playing as a subconsciousness, the first of its kind.
* The game is complimented by an original score, written by Than van Nispen tot Pannerden.
* At the Independent Game Festival 2011, „Dinner Date" has been nominated for the Nuovo award, an award which ‘honors abstract, shortform, and unconventional game development which advances the medium and the way we think about games.’
# 2012-02-14 18:22:03 - official description


I'm not sure if this art game or an experimental game, or a venture into some obscure narrative driven games.
Sanguine # 2012-02-14 18:27:37

Technical specs

display: textured polygons

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Dinner Date in-game screen.
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