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46 The Great Wall Street Fortune Hunt

a.k.a. Videopac 46 / The Great Wall Street Fortune Hunt!

published by Philips / Magnavox in 1981, developed by NAP, running on Magnavox Odyssey2
type: manag./econ.
genre: Augmented Reality Game
series: The Master Strategy
perspective: other
player options: single player
languages: eng

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Supposedly based on a simulation model used in the real investment world. This game presents thousands of stocks and commodities and multiple exchanges from around the world. IBM, Wildcat Oil Western, McDonald's Corporation, Texas Instruments, Standard Oil Company (of Indiana), Shell, Mobil, Arco and many other companies are present. There are four difficulty levels. Watching the news provides 1 to 10 players information about weather, politics, crisis, and various things that affect investments. Everything is in real time. The TV screen shows the interactive information, the game itself is played as a board game. The players buy and sell when prices rise and fall in an attempt to make the most money and not lose it all. It comes with dual purpose Margin/Share Tokens (shares on onside, margins on the other), a game board, large instruction book, player tokens, portfolio folder, keyboard overlay, and of course the game cartridge.
# 2000-04-27 17:13:34
Technical specs
display: raster
Authors / Staff
Ed Averett
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video game
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Samuel Anstee

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46 The Great Wall Street Fortune Hunt package.
46 The Great Wall Street Fortune Hunt (Magnavox Odyssey2)
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