Michael Andretti's World Grand Prix

a.k.a. 中島悟 F-1ヒーロー / Nakajima Satoru: F-1 Hero / Michael Andretti's World GP / Nakajima Satoru F1 Hero / Colin McRae Rally

published by American Sammy / Kemco / Varie in 1988-12-09, developed by Human, running on Nintendo Entertainment System
type: sport, racing/driving
genre: Motor racing, Motorsport
perspective: 3rd person push-scroll
player options: single player, split-screen
languages: eng

Official description

Superstar Michael Andretti personally guides you through the perilous and exciting world of Grand Prix Racing! Four of the most powerful racing machines are your to command on 16 famous international Grand Prix courses from around the globe! Hone your driving skills or challenge the best - it's all up to you in this amazing simulation of Formula One racing!
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Nakajima Satoru F1 Hero published by Kemco 1988-12-09 in Japan
Michael Andretti's World GP published by American Sammy 1990-06 in USA
Colin McRae Rally published 1992 in Europe

I have not played the Nakajima Satoru F1 Hero or Colin McRae Rally variants so I cannot be sure of the details of those games. But the Andretti and McRae versions are essentially just re-themed variants of the Satoru game. I'm guessing that few (or none) tracks and cars are common to all of them.

The Michael Andretti version is a fictional mixture of Formula 1 and CART racing and stars Michael Andretti (who had never driven an F1 car in 1988) . It includes Michael Andretti's Chevy Lola (CART), a Honda V-10 F1, a Ferrari V-12 F1, and a Mugen V-8 F1. It takes place on all the1988 F1 courses except Phoenix which is anachronistically replaced by Detroit. In reality, Michael Andretti had never won a race at any of these tracks but would win a race in 1990 at Detroit. He never even raced at 7 of the tracks, before or since this game. Like many racing games of its day it fairly accurately reproduces the 2D layout of real tracks but not the elevations or banks. Also the scenery, which sometimes is an important element of racing (the lighting difficult tunnel at Monaco, or the corner blinding baseball stadium at Suzuka, for instances), is only vaguely represented by an image on the horizon.

Control is unique in that turns are not preformed by holding the direction, but rather taping it to instantly rotate the car into one of seven predetermined turn radius positions. Gas is A, Brake is B, A+B will maintain speed, Start pauses, Select aborts, A and B cycle through menu choices. There are practice and two player verses options in addition to the main game. Players can take up to five qualifying laps to get a best time. Tire wear is a factor during qualifying. The player may pit and the time will count in that lap. Pressing select will end participation in the current phase of the current event. It is impossible to collide with opponents' cars. Placing in a race scores 1 for 4th place, 2 for 3rd, 3 for 2nd, and 5 for 1st.

The players of the Michael Andretti version can choose the following personalities as their driver/character and have little choice when it comes to racing against them.:
  • Player 1
  • Player 2
  • Michael Andretti, He drives a Chevy Lola
  • Alain Brost (Alain Prost)
  • Ayrton Zenna (Ayrton Senna), He also drives a Chevy Lola
  • Gelhart Gerger (Gerhard Berger), Honda V-10 F1
  • Nelson Pequet (Nelson Piquet)
  • Nigel Manselo (Nigel Mansell)
  • Alesandro Nannimi (Alessandro Nannini)
  • Thierry Bietsen (Thierry Boutsen)
  • Michele Alboreta (Michele Alboreto)
  • Derek Warwich (Derek Warwick)
  • Jonathan Pulmer (Jonathan Palmer)
  • Ivan Capella (Ivan Capelli)
  • Eddie Cheemer (Eddie Cheever, Jr.)

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Technical specs

display: raster

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Michael Andretti's World GP: Two players at Suzuka
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Michael+Andrettis+World+Grand+Prix ()
Michael Andretti's World Grand Prix (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Michael Andretti's World Grand Prix (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Michael Andretti's World Grand Prix (Nintendo Entertainment System)
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