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Soccer  Nintendo (Intelligent Systems)1985labelimagesubject
Stadium Events  Nintendo;Bandai (Human)1986labelimageminimize
Thunderbirds  Activision;Pack-In-Video (Pack-In-Video)1989labelimagesubject
Top Gun: The Second Mission  Konami1989labelimagesubject
Challenge of the Dragon Color Dreams1990labelimagesubject
Death Race American Game Cartridges;HES (Pacific Coast Power & Light)1990labelimagesubject
Pyramid  American Video Entertainment;Milmar Indústria;Sachen / Hacker International / HES (Thin Chen Enterprise;Hacker International)1990labelimagesubject
Zombie Nation  Meldac (KAZe)1990labelimagesubject
Bubble Bath Babes  Panesian;Hacker International (Hacker International;C&E Inc)1991labelimagesubject
Hot Slots  Panesian;Hacker International (Hacker International)1991labelminimizeminimize
Miss Peach World: Super L. A. Cop  Hacker International (Color Dreams;Hacker International)1991labelminimizeminimize
Operation Secret Storm  Color Dreams1991labelimagesubject
Peek-A-Boo Poker  Panesian;Hacker International (Hacker International;Panesian)1991labelimageminimize
Rad Racket Deluxe Tennis II  American Video Entertainment (Idea-Tek)1991labelimagesubject
Secret Scout in the Temple of Demise  Color Dreams1991labelimagesubject
Nightshade  Ultra Games (Beam)1991labelimagesubject
The Bard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight  Pony Canyon (Atelier Double)1992labelimageminimize
Town & Country II: Thrilla's Surfari  Acclaim Entertainment1992labelimageminimize
Daiku no Gen San 2: Akage no Dan no Gyakushuu  Irem (Irem;Micronics;Khaos)1993labelimageminimize
Crayon Shin-Chan Future Media1995labelimageminimize
Fong Shen Bang: Zhu Lu Zhi Zhan  C&E Soft1995labelimageminimize
Sunday Funday The Ride Fish Fall Wisdom Tree1995labelimagesubject
The Panda Prince Taiwan Shin-Shin Electronics1996labelimageminimize
Final Fantasy VII  Shenzhen Nanjing Technology2006labelimagesubject
Airball RetroZone;Tengen (Novatrade)2007labelimagesubject
2-in-1 Geminim/Siamond  RetroZone (Sivak Games)2008labelimagesubject
Chunkout 2 RetroZone2008labelminimizeminimize
Glider RetroZone2008labelimagesubject
Sara Parker's Pool Challenge  RetroZone;American Video Entertainment (Odyssey Software)2008labelminimizesubject
Tic-Tac XO RetroZone (Sly Dog Studios)2008labelimagesubject
Super NESnake 2 RetroZone2008labelimagesubject
DPad Hero II  The NES Dump2009labelminimizesubject
Ultimate Frogger Champion RetroZone (Nerdy Nights)2009labelminimizesubject
DPad Hero  The NES Dump2009labelminimizesubject
Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril RetroZone (Sivak Games)2009labelimagesubject
Battle Kid 2: Mountain of Torment RetroZone (Sivak Games)2012labelimageminimize