Apple IIGS

Made in USA by Apple in 1986
* using 384 horizontal lines of resolution is a hack that, as far as I know, was never used in any games. I suspect something like Sonic 2's split screen 2 player mode could be done.
** 4, 16 and 256 color modes are the only practical modes used by AAA games (and 256 is very rare). But any of these modes can select from the 4096 color palette and the palette can be swapped per scan line and per frame (about 15 fps maximum if such hackery is used). Each scan line, however, was limited to having a maximum of 16 total colors. Most games stick to 16 colors and use 320x200 mode if they use more colors than that. 256 colors can be used at 60fps in very limited circumstances (such as a scrolling banner). The KEGS emulator is the most accurate IIgs emu, but it fails to reliably duplicate anything more than 256 color graphics.
Had Applesoft BASIC by Microsoft

tech info

resolution: 320x200x4-3200 colors (4096 color palette**), 640×200×4-800, 280×192×6-16, 560×192×6-16 colors, 560×
memory: 256K RAM, 32K VRAM, 32K ROM Basic
CPU: Western Design Center 65SC816 2.8 MHz
sound: Ensoniq 32 with 16 stereo voices

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