Reviews on Amstrad Action

issue 39

average score
gameplatformreview dateoriginal scorescore %  
1943: The Battle of MidwayAmstrad CPC1988-1272/10072%
Cybernoid II: The RevengeAmstrad CPC1988-1290/10090%
SavageAmstrad CPC1988-1286/10086%
Fernandez Must DieAmstrad CPC1988-1283/10083%
James Bond 007: Live and Let DieAmstrad CPC1988-1280/10080%
Daley Thompson's Olympic ChallengeAmstrad CPC1988-1262/10062%
Fire & ForgetAmstrad CPC1988-1260/10060%
Pac-ManiaAmstrad CPC1988-1263/10063%
The Games: Winter EditionAmstrad CPC1988-1259/10059%
Advanced Pinball SimulatorAmstrad CPC1988-1251/10051%
Joe Blade 2Amstrad CPC1988-1260/10060%
Super Sports: The Olympic ChallengeAmstrad CPC1988-1256/10056%
Alternative World GamesAmstrad CPC1988-1251/10051%
Rockford: The Arcade GameAmstrad CPC1988-1259/10059%
Sabian IslandAmstrad CPC1988-1236/10036%
Ocean ConquerorAmstrad CPC1988-1254/10054%