Reviews on Amstrad Action

issue 58

average score
gameplatformreview dateoriginal scorescore %  
Cyberball: Football in the 21st CenturyAmstrad CPC1990-0782/10082%
BloodwychAmstrad CPC1990-0792/10092%
A.M.C.: Astro Marine CorpsAmstrad CPC1990-0783/10083%
KlaxAmstrad CPC1990-0789/10089%
VendettaAmstrad CPC1990-0773/10073%
Defenders of the EarthAmstrad CPC1990-0761/10061%
The Cycles: International Grand Prix RacingAmstrad CPC1990-0752/10052%
Slap FightAmstrad CPC1990-0769/10069%
Head Over HeelsAmstrad CPC1990-0762/10062%
Daley Thompson's Super-TestAmstrad CPC1990-0749/10049%
Dragon's Lair Part 2: Escape from Singe's CastleAmstrad CPC1990-0765/10065%
Fruit Machine Simulator 2Amstrad CPC1990-0771/10071%
The Hunt for Red OctoberAmstrad CPC1990-0761/10061%
Italy 1990Amstrad CPC1990-0788/10088%
LiverpoolAmstrad CPC1990-0746/10046%
Manchester United: The Official Computer GameAmstrad CPC1990-0761/10061%
ImpossamoleAmstrad CPC1990-0766/10066%