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1849  SomaSim (SomaSim )2014Windows
1849 SomaSim (SomaSim)2014Mac OS X
A Kingdom for Keflings  NinjaBee (NinjaBee)2010Windows
A Kingdom for Keflings  Microsoft Game Studios (NinjaBee)2008X360
A World of Keflings NinjaBee (NinjaBee)2014Wii U
Admiral NEMO Applejuice Studio (Applejuice Studio)2013Linux
Anno – Create a new World (Dawn of Discovery;Anno: Create A New World)  Ubisoft;Anno: Create A New World (Sunflowers Interactive;Keen Games)2009Wii
Anno – Create a new World (Dawn of Discovery)  Ubisoft (Sunflowers Interactive)2009Nintendo DS
Anno 1404 (Dawn of Discovery)  Ubisoft (Sunflowers;Related Designs)2009Windows
Anno 1404: Venice (Dawn of Discovery: Venice)  Ubisoft (Blue Byte;Related Designs)2010Windows
Anno 1503 (1503 A.D.: The New World;Anno 1503: Le Nouveau Monde;Anno 1503: El Nuevo Mundo;Anno 1503: Nowy Swiat;Anno 1503: De Nieuwe Wereld;公元1503:新世界;Anno 1503: Königsedition)  Electronic Arts (Sunflowers;Max Design)2002Windows
Anno 1602 (1602 A.D.;Anno 1602: Creation of a New World;1602 A. D.: Discover, Build and Rule Your Own New World)  Sunflowers;GT Interactive (Max Design)1998Windows
Anno 1602: Neue Inseln, Neue Abenteuer Sunflowers (Max Design)1998Windows
Anno 1701 - The Sunken Dragon (1701 A.D. - The Sunken Dragon;Anno 1701 - Der Fluch des Drachens)  Aspyr Media;Sunflowers (Related Designs)2007Windows
Anno 1701 (1701 A.D.)  Aspyr Media;Sunflowers (Related Designs)2006Windows
Anno 1701: Dawn of Discovery  Disney Interactive (Keen Games)2007Nintendo DS
Anno 2070  Ubisoft (Blue Byte;Related Designs)2011Windows
Anno 2070: Deep Ocean  Ubisoft (Blue Byte;Related Designs)2012Windows
ANNO ONLINE  Ubisoft (Ubisoft Bluebyte)2013Linux
Arakion Lavid (Lavid)TBALinux
Astraea Norwind Interactive (Norwind Interactive)2014Linux
Astraea Norwind Int (Norwind Int)TBAPS4
Avaneya  Kshatra (Kshatra)TBALinux
Aven Colony Team17 (Mothership Entertainment)2017PS4
Aven Colony Team17 (Mothership Entertainment)2017Xbox One