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Kick Challenger - Air Foot: Yasai no Kuni no Ashi Senshi (エアフット 野菜の国の足戦士 キック・チャレンジャー)  VAP (VAP)1987 bossbattles butterflies deadlywater did insects lives score scorpions spiders walking
Kamen Rider Black: Taiketsu Shadow Moon (仮面ライダーBLACK 対決シャドームーン)  Bandai (Human)1988 birds bossbattles caterpillars crabs deadlywater deathpits domesticcats dragonflies fish forest insects kamenrider motorcycle mutants score sharks spiders superjump tvseries unarmedfighting underwater wasteland
Tama & Friends: 3 Choume Dai Bouken (TAMA & FRIENDS 3丁目大冒険;タマ&フレンズ 3丁目大冒険)  Bandai (Advance Communication Company)1989 animalprotagonist anime birds bossbattles butterflies chiroptera dogs domesticcats felidprotagonist frog hopandbop insects lives mice movingplatforms nofalldamage spiders tamaandfriends testudines town