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The Mind Electric author;Infocom (author)? interactivefiction license-proprietary sourcecodeavailable walking
Legacy Challenger Software (Challenger Software)1984 3.5disk 68k castle commercial cpu-68000 forest interactivefiction keyboard license-proprietary magic mouse mystics osclassic panoramic
Planetfall  Infocom (Infocom)1984 3.5disk 68k cdrom commercial cpu-68000 futuristic hunger interactivefiction keyboard license-proprietary macos1 macos6 osclassic wordinput
Run for the Money Scarborough Systems (Tom Snyder Productions)1984 3.5disk 68k binarycolor bootloader commercial cpu-68000 keyboard license-proprietary macos1 osclassic score
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Science Fiction Classics;The Lost Treasures of Infocom) Infocom (Infocom)1984 68k binarycolor book bootloader cdrom commercial cpu-68000 interactivefiction license-proprietary lutris macos1 macos6 osclassic thehitchhikertrilogy uvl-releases wordinput
Crystal Raider author (author)1985 3.5disk 68k binarycolor color-8bit commercial cpu-68000 cpu-68020 license-proprietary lives macos4 mouse osclassic score
MacBugs! author (author)1985 3.5disk 68k cpu-68000 license-proprietary license-publicdomain licensechange macos1 osclassic score
Puppy Love Addison-Wesley (Tom Snyder Productions)1986 3.5disk 68k binarycolor commercial dogs keyboard license-proprietary mouse osclassic virtualpets
Amps author (author)1987 68k binarycolor clanguage free grid grid-square license-proprietary osclassic
Backgammon SoloSoft (SoloSoft)1987 68k dice earth free langinsignificant license-proprietary license-vague naturalistic osclassic traditional
Psychotic: The Escape Anarchists United (Anarchists United)1987 68k binarycolor california clickadventure cpu-68000 earth escape free insaneasylum interactivefiction license-proprietary lunatics macos1 malevolentprotagonist naturalistic northamerica osclassic platformexclusive rape sbsworldbuilder surreal unrestrictedviolence usa walking wordinput
Scarab of Ra Semicolon Software (Semicolon Software)1987 68k clanguage commercial currency dungeoncrawler inventory license-proprietary osclassic
Sitting Duck author (author)1987 68k ducks earth firearms license-proprietary naturalistic osclassic pascal score sourcecodeavailable
Stratego Hausemann & Hottie (author)1987 68k boardgametiein color-8bit earth fangame free grid grid-square license-proprietary naturalistic osclassic traditional
Deer Avenger (Deer Hunter Avenger) Simon & Schuster Interactive (Westlake Interactive)1988 cdrom commercial keyboard license-proprietary macos7 mouse osclassic parody ppc
Hometown, U.S.A. (Hometown, USA;Hometown USA) Publishing International (Manley & Associates)1988 3.5disk commercial license-proprietary
Jump-It author (author)1988 68k langinsignificant license-contradictory license-proprietary osclassic pegsolitaire traditional
Carrier Command Microplay (Realtime Games Software)1989 3.5disk 68k archipelago automatedwar beamweapons commercial cpu-68000 cpu-68020 damagemodeling energyweapons fpsrts future healthregen island joystick keyboard license-proprietary macos3 macos4 macos6 mouse osclassic robots rockets warship watercraft
Space Rogue Origin Systems (Technology Works)1989 3.5disk 68k beamweapons commercial energyweapons fasttravel license-proprietary osclassic outlaws raiders space spacecraft spaceflight stacsim stranded trading
Gnop!  Bungie (Bungie)1990 68k binarycolor breakoutlike difficulty-aspects langinsignificant license-proprietary monochrome naturalistic osclassic platformexclusive pong pongs score unofficial
Katie's Farm Lawrence Productions (Lawrence Productions)1990 3.5disk 68k commercial license-proprietary mouse nolanguage
Katie's Farm Lawrence Productions (Lawrence Productions)1990 3.5disk amiga2000 amiga500 commercial display-ecs display-ocs harddrive license-proprietary mouse nolanguage
Unnkulian Underworld : The Unknown Unventure Adventions (Adventions)1990 3.5disk commercial escape interactivefiction keyboard license-proprietary osclassic tads unnkulia
Operation: Desert Storm Bungie (Bungie)1991 3.5disk binarycolor city color-8bit commercial earth finiteammo fuel keyboard landvehicle latemodernperiod license-proprietary lives macos7 macos8 macos9 naturalistic neareast osclassic outdoors present printer score tank tanks war warfare-land
Unnkulian Unventure II: The Secret of Acme Adventions (Adventions)1991 3.5disk commercial indulgence interactivefiction keyboard license-proprietary osclassic tads unnkulia