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Soccer (サッカー)  Nintendo (Intelligent Systems)1985 consoleclassix firstpartytitle noasin soccer walking wiivirtualconsole
Stadium Events (World Class Track Meet;Family Trainer Series 2: Running Stadium;ファミリートレーナーシリーズ2 ランニングスタジアム)  Nintendo;Bandai (Human)1986 exergame familytrainer-series firstpartytitle hurdles-110m longjump noasin powerpad sprint sprint-100m timelimit trackandfield triplejump
Thunderbirds (サンダーバード;雷鳥號;léi niǎo háo)  Activision;Pack-In-Video (Pack-In-Video)1989 21stcentury asia bossbattles consoleclassix earth future giantmonsters indianocean monsters noasin northamerica scorpions scrollingshooter thunderbirds timelimit tvseries volcano weaponplot
Top Gun: The Second Mission (トップガン デュアル ファイターズ;Top Gun: Dual Fighters)  Konami (Konami)1989 aerodyne aeroplane consoleclassix earth fighteraircraft jetaircraft latemodernperiod militantprotagonist movie noasin
Challenge of the Dragon  Color Dreams (Color Dreams)1990 did dragons dragons-western humanoidanimals kungfugsmengine magic ninja noasin rescue sauroids uvl-confusable
Death Race  American Game Cartridges;HES (Pacific Coast Power & Light)1990 noasin uvl-descriptionincomplete
Pyramid (;Pyramid Cleopatra Kiki IppatsuSA-009 Pyramid;SA09 金字塔方塊;金字塔1;ピラミッド クレオパトラ危機一髪;)  American Video Entertainment;Milmar Indústria;Sachen / Hacker International / HES (Thin Chen Enterprise;Hacker International)1990 abstract-location consoleclassix egyptian-theme fallingblocks grid grid-square langinsignificant noasin score spatiallogic
Abarenbou Tengu (Zombie Nation;Samurai Zombie Nation;暴れん坊天狗)  Meldac (Meldac;KAZe)1990 consoleclassix noasin
Bubble Bath Babes (Soap Panic)  Panesian;Hacker International (Hacker International;C&E Inc)1991 noasin nudity porn serious
Hot Slots (AV Pachi Slot;AVパチスロ Big Chance) Panesian;Hacker International (Hacker International)1991 earth latemodernperiod naturalistic noasin nudity porn present realworld slotmachine traditional
Miss Peach World: Super L. A. Cop (ミスピーチワールド) Hacker International (Color Dreams;Hacker International)1991 birds bossbattles crabs dark-limited dinosaurs grasshoppers hands indoors jumppads lagomorphs midairjumping mystics noasin outdoors porn skateboard uvl-sku wicthdoctors
Operation Secret Storm (ARAB;Who's Sane Now)  Color Dreams (Color Dreams)1991 gulfwar kungfugsmengine noasin realprotagonist uvl-workingtitle
Peek-A-Boo Poker (Poker;AV Poker)  Panesian;Hacker International (Hacker International;Panesian)1991 earth latemodernperiod naturalistic noasin nudity poker porn present realworld traditional
Rad Racket Deluxe Tennis II (Rad Racket Tennis)  American Video Entertainment (Idea-Tek)1991 ingameadvertising noasin racquetsports rats tennis
Secret Scout in the Temple of Demise (Lee Majors Game;Six-Million Dollar Man)  Color Dreams (Color Dreams)1991 kungfugsmengine noasin uvl-workingtitle
Nightshade (Nightshade - Part 1: Claws of Sutekh)  Ultra Games (Beam)1991 consoleclassix noasin
The Bard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight (バーズテイルII)  Pony Canyon (Atelier Double)1992 bardstale bardstaleengine medieval noasin saveram uvl-missingimages
Town & Country II: Thrilla's Surfari (T&C 2: Thrilla's Surfari;T&C II: Thrilla's Surfari)  Acclaim Entertainment (Acclaim Entertainment)1992 africa anthroprotagonist bananas carnivorousplants coconuts consoleclassix did dragonflies earth electriceels elephant frog giantinsects giantspiders giraffes gorillas jungle noasin plantcreatures rapidmovementplants rescue sharks skateboard snakes sorcery subterranean surfboard testudines townncountrysurfdesigns tropic wasteland witches
Daiku no Gen San 2: Akage no Dan no Gyakushuu (大工の源さん2 赤毛のダンの逆襲;Hammerin' Harry 2)  Irem (Irem;Micronics;Khaos)1993 bludgeons noasin
Crayon Shin-Chan  Future Media (Future Media)1995 crayonshinchan noasin uvl-tiein
Fong Shen Bang: Zhu Lu Zhi Zhan (Fengshenbang;封神榜;Feng Shenbang;Feng Shen Bang)  C&E Soft (C&E Soft)1995 bc11thcentury bc2ndmillennium noasin shangdynasty uvl-misspelledtitle
Sunday Funday The Ride Fish Fall  Wisdom Tree (Wisdom Tree)1995 christian lastgame noasin
The Panda Prince  Taiwan Shin-Shin Electronics (Taiwan Shin-Shin Electronics)1996 anthropomorphicanimals anthropomorphism anthroprotagonist bananas beavers birds bossbattles did earth fish giantinsects giantrodents hopandbop improvisedweapons jumping lives minecarts noasin octopus pandas rescue rodents sauroids savepassword snakes swimming tropic underwater walking wasps
Final Fantasy VII (最终幻想7;最終幻想7;ZuiZhongHuanXiang 7;Core Crisis;核心危机;He Xin Wei Ji;Final Fantasy VII Advent Children)  Shenzhen Nanjing Technology (Shenzhen Nanjing Technology)2006 demake ff-gaia noasin noncanon saveram unlicensed
Airball  RetroZone;Tengen (Novatrade)2007 animateobjectprotagonist knightlorelike lives noasin roombased score