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SimpleRockets Jundroo (Jundroo)? darkspace fuel naturalistic orbitalflight physics sandbox spaceage spacecraft vehicledesigning visualizedtrajectory
Earth 2140  Topware Interactive;Interplay (Reality Pump Studios)1997 2140s 22ndcentury basebuilding earth earth-series finiteresources future langturkish mecha postapocalypse rating-pegi-12 resourcecrisis steampowered vehicledesigning
Earth 2140: Mission Pack 1 Topware Interactive;Interplay (Topware Interactive)1998 2140s 22ndcentury basebuilding earth-series future rating-pegi-12 steampowered vehicledesigning
Earth 2140: Mission Pack 2 - Final Conflict Topware Interactive;Interplay (Topware Interactive)1998 2140s 22ndcentury basebuilding earth-series future rating-pegi-12 steampowered vehicledesigning
Tanktics  Gremlin Interactive (DMA Design)1999 milessound sheep tank vehicledesigning
Warzone 2100 Eidos Interactive (Pumpkin Studios)1999 cdrom future licensechange postapocalypse uvl-confusable vehicledesigning
Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri (SMAC)  Electronic Arts (Firaxis Games)1999 22ndcentury 4xstrategy absoluterulership afterearth alienplanet aliens alphacentauri automatedbattles colonization deathworld dialup diplomacy encyclopedia epigraph extraterrestrial future grandscale humanresources immortalprotagonist ipx lutris mothernature mp-lms psychics rating-esrb-e serious tcpip techtree terraforming thoroughfareconstruction thoroughfares tileblending titularlocale vehicledesigning viciouscycle worms
Earth 2150: The Moon Project  Zuxxez Entertainment;SSI;1C Company (Reality Pump Studios)2000 2150s 22ndcentury basebuilding directx8 earth-series extraterrestrial future leveleditor luna megacorps moon opengl resourceharvesting spacefaringage supplies uvl-techlimitation vehicledesigning win95 win98
Earth 2150 (Earth 2150: Escape from the Blue Planet)  Topware Interactive (Reality Pump Studios)2000 2150s 22ndcentury africa amazon apocalyptic basebuilding canada directx6 earth earth-series egypt future leveleditor mecha realtimestrategy robots southamerica supplies vehicledesigning walkers win95
Earth 2150: Lost Souls  Topware Interactive (Reality Pump Studios)2002 2150s 22ndcentury apocalyptic basebuilding earth earth-series future rating-esrb-t vehicledesigning
Warzone 2100  The Warzone 2100 Resurrection Project (Pumpkin Studios;The Warzone 2100 Resurrection Project)2005 aspectratio-4-3 controlconfig future missionbased openal physfs postapocalypse screenshake sdl uvl-confusable vehicledesigning
Earth 2160  Midway;Zuxxez Entertainment;TopWare Interactive (Reality Pump)2005 2160s 22ndcentury 3plusfactions aerodyne afterearth alieninvasion alienprotagonist aliens asymmetricfactions basebuilding beamweapons builders control-individuals directx9 droppods dvd earth-series energyweapons extraterrestrial future hovervehicle humanprotagonist infantry leveleditor mars mecha megacorps militantprotagonist mindcontrol missionbased mitoticcreatures mp-lms mp-teams noports ramparts resourceharvesting serious shadermodel1 sonicweapons spacefaringage steampowered supervisorprotagonist supplies tanks uvl-missingimages vehicledesigning walkers
Tarr Chronicles (Tarr Chronicles: Sign of Ghosts;Tarr Chronicles: Fade of Ghosts;Хроники Тарр: Призраки Звезд;Khroniki Tarr: Prizraki Zvyezd)  Akella;cdv Software Entertainment USA;Paradox Interactive (Quazar Studio;Akella)2007 cdrom clanguage crafting directx9 drm drm-activation lua noports origlang-russian rating-esrb-t securom7 serialkey shadermodel2 space spacecombatsim spacecraft spacecraft-small spacefaringage spaceflight starforce tarrchronicles vehiclecustomization vehicledesigning vorbis windowsmedia
Dark Horizon (Хроники Тарр: Стражи Пограничья;Tarr Chronicles: Sign of Pride)  Akella;Paradox Interactive (Quazar Studio)2008 clanguage crafting directx9 dvd lua origlang-russian shadermodel2 space spacecombatsim spacecraft spacecraft-small spacefaringage spaceflight stealth tarrchronicles temperaturecontrol vehiclecustomization vehicledesigning vorbis widescreen winxp
Star Ruler  Blind Mind Studios (Blind Mind Studios)2010 4xstrategy activepause angelscript astrophysics beamweapons boarding cannons customtreaties demo diplomacy energyshields energyweapons formations fuel grandscale hunger infinitezoom interstellartravel irrlicht locationaldamage locationalhealth logistics mapgenerator mobilebase nocampaign nostory openal opengl planetaryweapons pointdefenses resourceharvesting resourceprocessing retrofitting rockets space spacecraft spacefaringage steampowered story-none supplies techtree timecompression tutorial undefinedelements vehicledesigning vorbis winvista winxp zoom
Cataclysm (Cataclysm:DDA;Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead) author (author)2010 addiction assaultrifles basebuilding books bows buildingdesigning capacity-weight charactercreation circadiancycle city cooking cpplanguage crafting crossbows disease driving drugs fatigue firearms free giantants home hunger improvisedweapons inventory json limitedcapacity locationaldamage lua mapgenerator meleeweapons modsupport monsters mutablescenery-large mutants mycoids naturalistic postapocalypse precisionrifles projectilerecovery resting roguelike scents stamina suppressors timeslicing trapping vehicledesigning wilderness zombies
Cargo – The Quest for Gravity  bitComposer Games;Viva Media (Ice-pick Lodge)2011 achievements achievements-public aeroplane aerostat amphibiousvehicle archipelago blankprotagonist capacity-unlimited deathless designing-freeform directx9 driving earth engineerprotagonist femaleprotagonist havokphysics helicopter island jumping mode-sandbox modularvehicles motorboat multienvcraft music-custom nofalldamage nudity nudity-featureless opensolutions openworld physics postapocalypse propellerplane quake raft rating-esrb-t resourceharvesting robots rotorcraft screenshake selfcensorship shadermodel2 shapematters shopping steampowered steamworks submarine summery swimming systemsdriven tangibleabstracts theora titlementioned undefinedelements underwater underwaterfacility vehicledesigning vehicleflip vehicleselectinplay vorbis walking watercraft wheeledvehicle wintery winvista winxp
Gratuitous Tank Battles (GTB)  Positech Games (Positech Games)2012 22ndcentury alternatetimeline baseincome download earth energyshields europe future healthvisualization indicator-range indie infantry leveleditor mecha noports rockets tanks towerdefense toweroffense turrets ugc vehicledesigning vehiclepainting walkers war warfare-land
Rigonauts  Engient (Engient)2012 1on1 damagetypes indie opponentpreview score shapematters sizematters steampowered vehicledesigning
StarDrive  Iceberg Interactive (zer0sumgames)2013 4xstrategy activepause crowdfunded csharplanguage desura difficulty espionage firingarcs grandscale internaldamage lidgren locationaldamage mapgenerator minimap modularvehicles netframework nocampaign nostory slimdx space steampowered story-none sunburn-engine taskdelegation taxes techtree undefinedelements ursinoids vehicledesigning xnaframework
Windforge  Snowed In Studios (Snowed In Studios)2014 adv-ptdistr assaultrifles cave crafting crowdfunded destructibleworld digging doors dropplatforms firearms flyingislands fuelcrisis genderchoice grapplinghook grenades handguns healingitems inventory knives limitedcapacity midairjumping nohealthregen recipes recipes-mandatory ropeswinging ruins shopping shotguns skyships skywhales steampowered vehicledesigning walljumping
GoD Factory: Wingmen Bandai Namco Entertainment (Nine Dots Studio)2014 3ormoreplayers afterburner aimassist aliens beamweapons damagetypes energyshields energyweapons equipment-preselect headtracking mp-teams oculusrift quickturn radar rockets shopping space spacecraft spacecraftcombat spaceflight starfishaliens steampowered stereoscopic supplystations targetlock teamawareness timelimit tutorial vehicledesigning vrgoggles
Besiege  Spiderling Studios (Spiderling Studios)2015 alphafunding constructionpuzzle depthoffield designing-freeform driving indevelopment splatter ssao steampowered uvl-confusable vehicledesigning
VoidExpanse AtomicTorch Studio (AtomicTorch Studio)2015 download exploration extensible future indie prospecting sandbox space spacecraft spacefaringage steampowered vehicledesigning
Gratuitous Space Battles II (GSB 2;Gratuitous Space Battles 2) Positech Games (Positech Games)2015 aliens automatedbattles beamweapons defensebreaking designing difficulty download drm drm-activation energyshields energyweapons equipment-preselect escapecapsule escapecapsules flatspace fmod guidedweapons humblestore indie indirectcontrol intangibleallies inventory-vehicles militantprotagonist nodrm noreinforcements planning planning-preset priorities proprietarynetwork quasidepth radar rockets shieldbreakers shieldpenetrators shieldregen shopping space spacecraft spacecraft-large spacecraft-small spacecraftcombat steampowered story-none towerdefense toweroffense ubuntu vehiclecustomization vehicledesigning vorbis war