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Bilbo Bagginshumanoid maleAn unusual hobbit in that he actually enjoys adventure & seeing mountains. He also shows little fear of water despite not being a raised a Bucklander.
The Lord of the Rings, Rogues
Don Diego de la Vegahumanoid maleAn athlete, master swordsman, and marksman who also excels at excellent unarmed combat. Enjoys making fools of inept authorities.
El Zorro, Rogues
Han Solohumanoid male
Star Wars, Star Wars: Skywalker epoch, Rogues
Imoenhumanoid femaleChildhood friend of the protagonist in Baldur's Gate. She initially invites herself into the party as the protagonist's 1st companion.
Baldur's Gate Bhaalspawn arc, Baldur's Gate, Forgotten Realms, Rogues
Robin Hoodhumanoid maleThe star of the Robin Hood tales. Often dressed in green and armed with a bow and arrow, and a sword.
Robin Hood, England, Rogues
Yogi Bearbeast male
The Yogi Bear Show, Hanna-Barbera, Rogues
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