BUG: Group articles are errantly linking non-link text to a previous link on the page


So I looked to see what I did wrong on this page:
I never found my mistake.

But then something similar happened on this page:
Again, I didn't find my mistake but I'm fairly certain now that it is not my mistake. Something in the code before the articles are causing the articles to be used as a link. And I know a workaround that nullifies the mistake

[սrl=] [/սrl]

(don't copy-paste that code for actual use, its a bit of unicode-fu)
A BBCODE link will close the errant link for the rest of the article. So putting a link at the top of an article worksaround the problem. But I've left the articles with the error in place so you can look at the problem.

It happened when the last game of the gallery had no image...
Other groups could have the same issue untile their cache expires in a few days.
Thank you for reporting!