published by Capcom in 2000-05-01, developed by Digital Eclipse, running on Game Boy Color
type: shooter
genre: Historical, Scrolling shooter
perspective: bird's-eye auto-scroll
player options: single player

Official description

Fly into the face of danger. It's 1942. It's the classic shooter. It's one of history's most popular scrolling games and now it's coming to you on the Game Boy Color System. Take to the skies in this time honored vertical scrolling shooter to dodge enemy fire, execute loops and pick up devastating power-ups. It features 32 action-packed daring levels.
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Take off from a carrier in the fateful year of 1942 and island-hop through 32 increasingly daunting levels, culminating in aerial combat over Tokyo. Gameplay in this overhead shooter is simple: blast enemies, snag power-ups and avoid collisions before re-landing on your flattop.

If you mow down planes in a formation, you'll receive one of six different power-ups, beginning with the double machine gun. Another power-up will obliterate all on-screen enemies.

As you advance on Tokyo, you'll be faced with bigger and badder swarms of enemy craft. Evade troublemakers by pressing the A Button to loop. It's best to avoid ambushes by staying near the screen's center.

Two can play 1942 by alternating turns. You can print out top scores with the Game Boy Printer.

1942 is compatible with Game Boy Color or GBA units only.
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Technical specs

display: raster

External review - average: 50%

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