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Corum III: Chaotic Magic

published by Gobe Software in 2000-08-18, developed by Next Generation Entertainment, running on BeOS
type: role-play
genre: Fantasy
perspective: bird's-eye
player options: single player
languages: eng

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Official description
Welcome to the world of Corum III. In this fantasy Role Playing Game (RPG), newly ported to BeOS by Next Generation Entertainment, you play the wandering knight Kaien Baist. Solve mini-quests, battle opponents, and cast spells as you unlock the secrets of this land of Chaotic Magic.

The World of Corum

Eight Dark Lords wish to wield ultimate power over the land, but to achieve their ends, they require the power of the ninth Dark Lord. They send three Crayn magicians to seek the power of this lost Dark Lord, not realizing that the Crayn are themselves ambitious, and less than loyal to their masters. How do you fit into these world-shaking events? Journey forth, and learn...

Game Features

Journey through the lands as 3 characters over the course of the game.
Upgradable attacks, including unlimited combination attacks.
Adventurer's Guilds, featuring many sub-quests to solve.
Joystick and gamepad support for fast and easy game control.
User's Guide

Corum III comes with a printed User's Guide containing:

Corum background, concepts, and history.
Installation and configuration instructions.
Notes on game play, including combat and magic.
Quick Reference to commands (in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, and Kanji)
System Requirements

Recommended system requirements (minimums in parentheses).

Processor: P200 (P120) x86, 200 MHz (150 MHz) PPC.
Free Disk Space: 600 MB (5 MB for run-off-the-CD installation).
Memory: 64 MB (32 MB).
CD-ROM: 24x (4x).
Peripherals: Mouse and Keyboard required, Gamepad recommended.
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Technical specs
display: raster
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Corum III: Chaotic Magic in-game screen.
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