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Mega Man III

published by Hi-Tech Expressions in 1992, developed by Rozner Labs, running on MS-DOS
type: shooter, platformer
series: Mega Man
perspective: 3rd person side view
player options: single player
languages: eng

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The gameplay is largely similar to the NES Mega Man, so mostly a combination of platforming and shooting. As in every Mega Man game, the player can defeat the robot masters in any order and will obtain their weapon after defeating them. Of course, every robot master is weak against a certain weapon but since the bosses are not much of a challenge, one might as well use the standard weapon. In fact, all of the six initial bosses except for Bit Man use a nearly identical pattern that is very easily seen through and countered. Bit Man's pattern at least is something different, but he's not much of a challenge either.
The levels are a bit more labyrinthine than in the Capcom Mega Man games though often the branches only lead to powerups or deadends. Surprisingly, in this game Mega Man is able to swim, and the level designers made sure that he has to use that ability quite often. I also find it odd that many of the enemies appear to be real animals instead of robots (for example the crabs and nautilus-like molluscs). And the nautiluses are some of the sturdiest enemies in the game.
leszy # 2014-11-10 10:23:26
Technical specs
Editor note
There is no Mega Man II for DOS, this game is the direct sequel to Mega Man. It is probably called Mega Man III for marketing reasons. That is presumably also the reason for reusing the box art of the original Mega Man III for this game. The box art shows Spark Man from the NES version, which might be the reason to include a similar looking robot into this game to justify the picture on the package. The Spark Man double is called Bit Man.
# 2014-11-10 09:49:13
Authors / Staff


Stephen Rozner (design)


William Rozner (graphics)


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Shark Man stage
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Mega Man III (MS-DOS)
Mega Man III (MS-DOS)
Mega Man III (MS-DOS)
Mega Man III (MS-DOS)
Mega Man III (MS-DOS)
Mega Man III (MS-DOS)
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