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Janitor Joe author1984 claiming falldamage instantdeath keys ladders lives robots score labelimageminimize
Shamus IBM (Synapse Software)1984 display-cga display-cga-composite femaleauthor instantdeath keys lives robots score labelimageminimize
Swords of Glass Keypunch Software1986 amoeboids axes bees bows charactercreation crossbows dogs doors dungeoncrawler gridmove healingitems healingstations insects itemdurability keys knives magic meleeweapons mystics outlaws powerups rats shopping snakes sorcery staves subterranean swords weasels labelimageminimize
Infiltrator Mindscape1987 aerodyne helicopter keys militantprotagonist multisequence rotorcraft savepassword stunning labelimageminimize
Trojan Capcom1987 bossbattles keys lives meleeweapons nofalldamage postapocalypse score swords labelimageminimize
Demon Stalkers: The Raid on Doomfane Electronic Arts (Micro Forté)1988 bows dandylike demonstalkers-series display-cga display-ega display-tga fallbackweapon keys leveleditor rats score search spu-pcspeaker spu-tandy thrownweapons labelimageminimize
Gauntlet Mindscape (Atari)1988 arenashooter color-2bit color-4bit dandylike display-256x200 display-320x200 display-cga display-ega display-tga gauntlet-series hunger keys monsters npcgenerators score labelimageminimize
Snarf author1988 download fallbackweapon independentaim keys licensechange score labelimageminimize
Solomon's Key U.S. Gold (Probe Software)1988 europeanfae ghosts instantdeath keys lives magic monsters nofalldamage npcspawning score secrets timelimit walking labelimageminimize
Time Bandit Microdeal (Michtron)1988 display-cga display-ega display-tga display-vga ingametitle keys monsters timetravel labelimageminimize
Avoid the Noid Sharedata1989 advergame keys lives score timelimit labelimageminimize
Gauntlet II Mindscape1989 3ormoreplayers arenashooter dandylike display-cga display-ega display-mcga display-tga display-vga gauntlet-series hunger ingametitle keys langinsignificant mp-cooperative npcgenerators projectilelimit score spu-pcspeaker spu-tandydac labelimageminimize
McDoe!: Madame Ching's Dungeon of Ecstasy BSX International1989 22ndcentury keys score labelimageminimize
McPop!: Madam Ching's Palace of Pleasure BSX International1989 22ndcentury keys score labelimageminimize
Night Hunter  Ubi Soft1989 castle display-cga display-ega display-tga display-vga keys score undead undeadprotagonist vampireprotagonist vampires labelimageminimize
Rock 'n Roll Rainbow Arts1989 animateobjectprotagonist keys score teleporters labelimageminimize
The Black Orb author1989 keys monsters labelimageminimize
Catacomb Softdisk (PC Arcade)1990 1life catacomb-series chargedattack display-cga display-ega elitemobs gog grid grid-micro grid-square healingitems keys magic monsters overpenetration potions score secrets sorcery unlimitedammo labelimageminimize
Chip's Challenge Epyx;U.S. Gold (Audio Visual Magic)1990 display-cga display-ega display-hgc display-tga display-vga keys savepassword spu-adlib spu-mt32 spu-pcspeaker spu-tandy timelimit labelimageminimize
Dungeons of Doom author1990 dungeoncrawler gridmove keys labelimageminimize
Dunjax author1990 firearms keys ladders lives runandgun labelimagesubject
Fire King SSG;Electronic Arts (Micro Forté)1990 dandylike demonstalkers-series keys premadecharacters labelimageminimize
The Dark Heart of Uukrul Brøderbund (Digital Studios)1990 amoeboids automap axes bludgeons bodyarmor books chiroptera combatmode commercial currency display-cga display-ega display-hgc display-mcga display-tga display-vga dragons dungeon dungeoncrawler elitemobs encounters-conditional encounters-random encounters-set feelies gamesaves gold gridmove group healingitems hunger itemdurability jewelry keyboard keys knives license-proprietary looting magic magic-instant magicfail magicweapons meleeweapons orcs poisoning polearms potions quitsave resting resuscitation safezone scrolls singleencounterrespawn spiders statuseffects staves subterranean swords teleporters theurgy turnbasedcombat undefinedelements whips wolves xp-deeds xp-killbonus xp-kills xp-other labelimageminimize
Catacomb II  Softdisk1991 1life catacomb-series chargedattack display-cga display-ega elitemobs gog grid grid-micro grid-square healingitems keys magic monsters overpenetration potions score secrets sorcery unlimitedammo labelimageminimize
Eye of the Beholder SSI (Westwood Studios)1991 3.5disk 5.25disk adnd axes beholders bludgeons bodyarmor bossbattles bows cephalopoids charactercreation classbased dataexport disguisedtriggers display-cga display-ega display-mcga display-tga display-vga dnd doors driders dualwielding dungeon dungeoncrawler dwarves elevators elves eob eob-engine eviloverlord fantasyworld femaleprotagonist fictionaluniverse forgottenrealms genderchoice giantinsects gridmove hazardouspowers heroprotagonist humans hunger insectoids inventory jewelry keys knives kobolds lockpicking lutris magic magicweapons maleprotagonist medieval meleeweapons monsters multiclassing oneeyedcreatures polearms pressureplates resting scummvm serious sewers skeletons slings sorcery spellmemory spu-adlib spu-pcspeaker spu-sb spu-tandy subterranean swords throwanything thrownweapons titularobject unarmedfighting undead weefolk xp-deeds xp-kills zombies labelimageminimize
Horror Zombies from the Crypt Millennium Interactive (Astral Software)1991 aircontrol harmfultouch instantdeath juggernauts keys ladders lives mansion rats retrypoints skeletons spu-pcspeaker subterranean thrownweapons undead vampires walking zombies labelimageminimize
Robomaze II MVP Software1991 keys robots labelimagesubject
Snake Snap author1991 claiming keys snakegame labelimageminimize
Paganitzu Apogee Software (Trilobyte)1991 archeologistprotagonist display-cga display-ega instantdeath keys lives snakes spiders labelimageminimize
Lord of The Rings: vol.II: The Two Towers Interplay1992 3.5disk 5.25disk archaicearth arda bodyarmor book bows cdrom commercial cpu-286 cpu-386 dataimport display-cga display-ega display-mcga display-tga display-vga dos3 dos5 earth halflings highfantasy incarnateddivines keyboard keys license-proprietary lotr mouse mystics spu-adlib spu-mt32 spu-pas spu-sb spu-tandy swords uchronia weefolk labelimageminimize
Steine! author1992 boulderdashlike claiming keys score timelimit labelimageminimize
Super ZZT Epic MegaGames1992 keys leveleditor labelimageminimize
The Catacomb Abyss  Softdisk (Gamer's Edge)1992 alone catacomb-series cemetery chiroptera display-ega firstpersonshooter gog keys magic middleprojection monsters sorcery undead walking wolf3dengine zombies labelimageminimize
The Summoning SSI;Softgold Computerspiele (Event Horizon Software)1992 3.5disk 5.25disk actionrpg axes backtrackingdenied bodyarmor bows cdrom charactercreation commercial controllablehelplessness cpu-286 cpu-386 dialog-tree dicemechanics display-vga dos3 energyregen-slow feelies genderchoice healingitems inventory keyboard keys knives license-proprietary limitedcapacity limitedsupplies magic magic-somatic meleeweapons monsters mouse multipleendings pressureplates printer protagonistnaming quickkeys randomizedattributes scrolls serious sewers shields sorcery spu-adlib spu-mt32 spu-pcspeaker spu-sb spu-tandy staves subterranean swords walking wordinput xp-literal labelimageminimize
Vegi Heartsoft1992 claiming keys lives snakegame labelimageminimize
Vocabulary Quest in the Land of the Unicorn Unicorn Software Company1992 5.25disk commercial currency display-ega display-vesa display-vga keyboard keys license-proprietary mouse spu-adlib spu-sb spu-sbpro trolls unicorns labelminimizeminimize
Secret Agent Apogee Software1992 3.5disk crystalcavesengine keys lives moneybags robots score specialagentprotagonist walking labelimageminimize
Alien Breed Team171993 alienbreed aliens doors energyweapons firearms gog keys keys-disposable lives militantprotagonist mp-cooperative premadecharacters labelimageminimize
Betrayal at Krondor Sierra (Dynamix)1993 ♫greensleeves 3.5disk attackmethods automap book cdrom circadiancycle combatmode cpu-386 crossbows cultists difficulty-single display-vga doors dwarves gog golems group hunger injuries inventory itemdurability keys lockpicking magic medieval meleeweapons midkemia mine mouse multiprotagonists nonlinear nooneleftbehind outlaws rotting rp-levelless saveanywhere serious shopping sorcery stamina steampowered subterranean swords titularevent titularlocale tragicending turnbasedcombat walking weefolk xp-literal labelimageminimize
Curse of the Catacombs  Froggman;Softdisk Publishing (Softdisk Publishing)1993 1990s 20thcentury 2ndmillennium catacomb-series keys latemodernperiod magic middleprojection monsters plantcreatures present wolf3dengine labelimageminimize
Dungeon Hack SSI (Dreamforge Intertainment)1993 3.5disk adnd aesopsound alone automap charactercreation chosenone compass cpu-386 difficulty difficulty-aspects disguisedtriggers display-vga DnD dungeon dungeoncrawler dwarves elves eob-engine feelies forgottenrealms genderchoice gog gridmove halflings hunger illusionarywalls keyboard keys lockpicking magic mapgenerator medieval meleeweapons mercenaryprotagonist minimap monsters mouse printer solomission sorcery undead uvl-tiein weefolk labelimageminimize
God of Thunder  Software Creations;Impulse Games (Adept Software)1993 10thcentury 1life aimdirlimit amoeboids bludgeons boomerangs bronzeage-theme chiroptera difficulty difficulty-ingame godlingprotagonist harmfultouch keys licensechange lighthearted magic medieval middleages mythicfigure norsemythology playerprofiles savior sorcery thrownweapons titularcharacter warriorprotagonist labelimagesubject
Heirs to Skull Crag  SSI (MicroMagic;SSI)1993 2hmeleeweapons 3.5disk adnd adv-progress adv-static alienplanet autumnal axes basilisks beholders bludgeons bodyarmor bossbattles bows breathweapons caninoids cdrom cemetery charactercreation city clanguage classbased classbasedeq combatmode companion compass containers cpplanguage crossbows dataexport dataimport did difficulty dnd doors dragonprotagonist dragons dragons-western driders dungeoncrawler dwarves elves encounters-random encounters-set encounters-timed fantasyworld fatigue feelies femaleprotagonist fictionaluniverse forest forgottenrealms genderchoice genderpenalty ghosts giantanimals giantinsects giantmonsters giantspiders giantsquids gnolls gnomes goblins godlingprotagonist goldboxengine golems gridmove group halflings hazardouspowers healingitems heroprotagonist highfantasy horses humanoids humans ichthyoids illusionarywalls inorganics insectoids inventory jewelry jinn joystick karma keys knives leveleditor liches lockpicking lowfantasy magic magicweapons maleprotagonist medieval meleeweapons mercenaryprotagonist militantprotagonist mindflayers missionbased monsters mouse multiclassing multipleendings multiverse mycoids mystics mythicalprotagonist naturalweapons orcs pascal polearms premadecharacters premadeprotagonist protagonistnaming ragtaggang randomdamage recruiting rescue resourcegeneration resting riding river romance ruins sentientartefact sewers shapeshifters shapeshifting sharedsetting shopping skeletons slings softscifi sorcery specieschoice spellmemory subterranean summery swords tentaclecreatures thrownweapons titlementioned tombstones town traps treants tutorial unarmedfighting undead unusualprotagonist uvl-tiein vampires vernal walking wasteland weefolk wintery wyverns xp-deeds xp-kills labelimagesubject
Bio Menace  Apogee Software1993 aimdirlimit alone ammotypes amoeboids apartmentbuilding chapters city crystals difficulty fallbackweapon firearms free2play gore grenades harmfultouch itempickup-auto keys ladders licensechange lighthearted lives maleprotagonist mines monsters multistart mutants nofalldamage rescue ruins runandgun score suicideattackers trees labelimagesubject
Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold Apogee Software (JAM Productions)1993 aliens alone blakestone firstpersonshooter gog keys lives locationinfo maleprotagonist pushwalls score targetident wolf3dengine labelimagesubject
DOOM id Software1993 1life 22ndcentury aimassist alone anticipatorystockpiles armyofone backtracking bodyarmor bpjmindexed chainreactions cheatcodes clanguage claymation cloakednpcs demonicinvasion demons devsysnext68x devsysnextintel devsysnextppc doom-series doomwad doors dosextender elevators energyweapons everyonesdead explosiveobjects fatties findexit firearms firstpersonshooter gore graphicdeaths heads healthpickups hell hitscan idtech1 keys megacorps middleguns middleprojection militantprotagonist monsters moon mp-dm namelessprotagonist noingameintro nojumping noreloading npcstrife oopitems plasmaweapons possessed powerups randomdamage rocketjumping rockets rotaryguns sciencefantasy secrets secrets-levels serious shotguns singlegender spawners splatter twitchshooter walking walkingarmory labelimageminimize
Elements Villa Crespo Software (Avery Pack)1994 grid grid-square keys labelimageminimize
The Adventures of Robbo  Epic Megagames (Xland Games)1994 bombs claiming keys lives robotprotagonist teleporters labelimageminimize
Hocus Pocus Apogee (Moonlite Software)1994 bossbattles classicwizards difficulty gog indoors keys lighthearted magic mysticprotagonist potions score sorcery spu-adlib spu-dss spu-gm spu-gus spu-pas spu-rsc spu-sb spu-sb16 spu-sbpro spu-tandydac labelimagesubject
Ultima VIII: Pagan  Origin1994 1life 3.5disk adv-undefined capacity-unlimited cdrom cheatcodes cpu-386 deadlywater demons dialog-sentences disappearingplatforms doors draganddrop elementals floatingeyes free fromanotherworld ghosts giantfungi gog ineptveteran inorganics interactivedialogs inventory juggernauts jumping keys luggage magic magic-ingredients magic-instant magiccircles mediums mediumship meleeweapons mouse museum necromancers necromancy noinvpause noports platforming premadeprotagonist protagonistnaming saveanywhere scummvm-wip serious skeletons sorcery stranded summoning telekinesis titularlocale ultima ultima8-engine ultimaageofarmageddon undead walking xp-undefined zombies labelimageminimize
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