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Janitor Joe author1984platformer labelimageminimize
Shamus IBM (Synapse Software)1984maze shooter labelimageminimize
Swords of Glass Keypunch Software1986role-play Fantasy labelimageminimize
Infiltrator Mindscape1987simulation flight adventure labelimageminimize
Trojan Capcom1987beat 'em up labelimageminimize
Demon Stalkers: The Raid on Doomfane Electronic Arts (Micro Forté)1988maze shooter Fantasy labelimageminimize
Gauntlet Mindscape (Atari)1988maze shooter Fantasy labelimageminimize
Snarf author1988action/reflex maze labelimageminimize
Solomon's Key U.S. Gold (Probe Software)1988platformer puzzle Fantasy labelimageminimize
Time Bandit Microdeal (Michtron)1988maze shooter adventure Science Fiction labelimageminimize
Avoid the Noid Sharedata1989platformer labelimageminimize
Gauntlet II Mindscape1989maze shooter Fantasy labelimageminimize
McDoe!: Madame Ching's Dungeon of Ecstasy BSX International1989action/reflex maze Humorous Erotic Science Fiction labelimageminimize
McPop!: Madam Ching's Palace of Pleasure BSX International1989action/reflex maze Humorous Erotic Science Fiction labelimageminimize
Night Hunter  Ubi Soft1989beat 'em up platformer Fantasy Horror labelimageminimize
Rock 'n Roll Rainbow Arts1989action/reflex maze puzzle labelimageminimize
The Black Orb author1989action/reflex maze role-play Fantasy labelimageminimize
Catacomb Softdisk (PC Arcade)1990maze shooter Fantasy labelimageminimize
Chip's Challenge Epyx;U.S. Gold (Audio Visual Magic)1990maze puzzle labelimageminimize
Dungeons of Doom author1990role-play Fantasy labelimageminimize
Dunjax author1990platformer shooter Science Fiction labelimagesubject
Fire King SSG;Electronic Arts (Micro Forté)1990maze shooter Fantasy labelimageminimize
The Dark Heart of Uukrul Brøderbund (Digital Studios)1990role-play turn-based Fantasy labelimageminimize
Catacomb II  Softdisk1991maze shooter Fantasy labelimageminimize
Eye of the Beholder SSI (Westwood Studios)1991role-play Fantasy labelimageminimize
Horror Zombies from the Crypt Millennium Interactive (Astral Software)1991platformer Horror labelimageminimize
Robomaze II MVP Software1991platformer Science Fiction labelimagesubject
Snake Snap author1991action/reflex puzzle labelimageminimize
Paganitzu Apogee Software (Trilobyte)1991puzzle labelimageminimize
Lord of The Rings: vol.II: The Two Towers Interplay1992role-play Fantasy labelimageminimize
Steine! author1992action/reflex puzzle labelimageminimize
Super ZZT Epic MegaGames1992action/reflex maze adventure labelimageminimize
The Catacomb Abyss  Softdisk (Gamer's Edge)1992Fantasy Horror shooter labelimageminimize
The Summoning SSI;Softgold Computerspiele (Event Horizon Software)1992action/reflex role-play Fantasy labelimageminimize
Vegi Heartsoft1992action/reflex maze labelimageminimize
Vocabulary Quest in the Land of the Unicorn Unicorn Software Company1992adventure edutainment Fantasy labelminimizeminimize
Secret Agent Apogee Software1992platformer labelimageminimize
Alien Breed Team171993maze shooter Science Fiction labelimageminimize
Betrayal at Krondor Sierra (Dynamix)1993role-play Fantasy labelimageminimize
Curse of the Catacombs  Froggman;Softdisk Publishing (Softdisk Publishing)1993shooter Fantasy labelimageminimize
Dungeon Hack SSI (Dreamforge Intertainment)1993role-play Fantasy labelimageminimize
God of Thunder  Software Creations;Impulse Games (Adept Software)1993action/reflex puzzle Fantasy labelimagesubject
Heirs to Skull Crag  SSI (MicroMagic;SSI)1993maze strategy role-play Fantasy Science Fiction labelimagesubject
Bio Menace  Apogee Software1993platformer shooter Cartoon labelimagesubject
Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold Apogee Software (JAM Productions)1993shooter Science Fiction labelimagesubject
DOOM id Software1993shooter Horror Science Fiction labelimageminimize
Elements Villa Crespo Software (Avery Pack)1994puzzle labelimageminimize
The Adventures of Robbo  Epic Megagames (Xland Games)1994action/reflex puzzle labelimageminimize
Hocus Pocus Apogee (Moonlite Software)1994platformer shooter Fantasy labelimagesubject
Ultima VIII: Pagan  Origin1994adventure role-play Fantasy labelimageminimize
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