Inaccurate information

Video game concept

The game itself provides inaccurate, false, or even contradictory information in areas where it's not supposed to give such under any circumstances.


Name variations: game lies, false information

The first video game about Inaccurate information was released on August 28, 1987.

Interplay, Konami and Microsoft Game Studios has published most of these games

This does not include player using a gameplay mechanic that is not guaranteed to give accurate information. For example, below maximum appraisal skill is likely to give inaccurate information. However, a game where no such mechanic exist yet the information provided by similar feature (e.g. item tooltip that shows its stats) does count.

The reasons for this to exist are possibly several:
* The game creator intentionally made it so, either purposefully writing inaccurate information or made the game provide inaccurate information when such is not expected.
* That part of the game was not updated to match later refactorings or other changes (and was never patched).

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Falsehoods, Information, Rare concepts


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