No structure facing

Video game concept

Player can not designate which way the structures they build face.


Alternate name: No building facing

The first video game about No structure facing was released in 1992.

Virgin, Blizzard and Blizzard Entertainment has published most of these games

* Structure facing
Production facilities and defensive structures often benefit from designating the direction they face, unfortunately games tagged with this don't allow changing it, but rather assume a default facing. This may or may not actually have effect, such as the production facilities having multiple exit points and the defensive structures not having limited firing angle and gifted with somewhat decent turning speed.

Cases where player can't decide even where the buildings are placed should not be tagged with this.
Cases where the limitation doesn't matter should not be tagged either. For example: turret rotates on its own all the time thus is not stuck to starting from specific facing (or is capable of shooting anywhere without rotating), or alternatively a facility which can be entered and exited from any direction.

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